Never Fear a Post will Appear. Now a pic, might be later or in the morning.

Wheweeee, today was a chilly one here in FL. Now I, know y’all up North will snicker, but when a jacket is needed here usually I don’t need one up North. Totally different kind of cold. W/or w/o snow.

So, I have known all week I needed to do a store run. I promised my Mom I would make some apple turnovers for Sunday, it just seemed like I kept killing myself on other activities. Today I decided I would leave shortly after my husband left before work to get the things needed.

When I left the grocery store was not open as I passed. So, I decided even though I would not be able to get everything I needed I would head to Lowe’s and pick up what I could. I got the 3 landscape bricks I needed, however when I got home I had bought them home I saw that I bought the wrong color, Grrrrrr. I’m just going to put the wrong colored bricks on the non street view side. Also needed some bigger clippers, a hand shovel, and lastly I bought a few decorative grass type plants.

Wow! How could I forget a spontaneous purchase of 3 little decorative garden flags.

Now the aggravating thing with this stop was the garden center gates weren’t open when I got there. That wasn’t too big a deal. I was so sure they would be open by the time I was ready checkout that I parked by that potential opening(entrance / exit). Yup you guessed it, not only were the gates not open, but the only register open was the the farthest away.

So, I had to walk 15 miles to pay them and checkout, them I had to walk 15 miles back the opposite way to get to my Jeep…..okayyy maybe it wasn’t actually 15 miles. However, by that time my back felt like it was going to break in half, and I still had to load up the junk.


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