Lots Done, Pictures From Women Unleashed.

First, no picture for part of today as I was working on a Christmas gift for my parents. I could show a picture, except my devoted, loving, Mom sees all my posts. I wouldn’t want to give her a heads up…lol

We are celebrating our Christmas tomorrow due to scheduling conflicts of some family members.

I made myself go out and do some work and plant the grass type plants I bought the other day at Lowe’s. Thank goodness for my hubby’s help with the dirt bag, mulch bag, helping me picking up trash, and putting things back.

I didn’t do much(if I was Still a normal person), but my back felt like it was going to snap in half and I couldn’t make a fist. That’s not even counting the cramping that was starting up in my fingers and legs…sigh.

By the time I was done and limping into the house it was too dark for a picture. If I’m lucky I’ll remember to go out & take a pic in the morning. Hopefully, I can beat the rain that is expected.

I did do a class session of Women Unleashed. Just Incase anyone is interested in this free 14 day class, here is a link to the online class Women Unleashed. So, actually I will post a picture of yesterday’s journal page(Day 1), I wasn’t able to get to it until today. I did watch the 2 sessions for today. I have 3 journal pages from today’s 1st session, but nothing to show from today’s 2nd session.


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