I Love Rain, but I Need a few Days of Dry Sunday’s…

today’s pic

Unfortunately, no birds are at the feeder at the moment. I couldn’t figure out how to edit the feeder and truck out of the picture

Despite that you can see at the moment its not raining, but you can see things are wet, In addition you can see my bright red double knock out roses blooming and my light pink Angel Trumpet blooms.

As I think I had mentioned 2 maybe 3 weeks ago it had not rained for months. We lucked out on a Sunday and the kids got about 3/4 of the house spray painted. The next weekend it rained off and on all weekend. Actually it rained off and on throughout this week.

If that weren’t enough my husband looked and saw it is supposed to rain today(which it has been) and tomorrow, Sunday…sigh Is it too much to ask for a few Sundays so the kids can get my house done…grrr. After that it can rain everyday if it so desires.

No cards today. I might have a journal page or 2 later, not so sure about that yet.

Sunday, if it does rain there obviously will be no painting, However rain or no rain we will be going over or my Mom & Dad’s to see about our Christmas. Thankfully my Mother is feeling much better.


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