Man! Who thought the simplest things could be so brain frying??

Brain Fried

Yes, I said brain frying. I was asked for a business card the other day.

The person who asked was actually my 1st card order(other than my Mom… do Mom’s count?).

Needless to say I had never even thought of having business cards. I was going to use a pic that matches my blog header.

Simple, I just need to make a few adjustments……

Do you see where this is going? Simple? Well, one thing was simple.

I found an app that let’s me resize the photo easy, woohoo. I’m cooking w/ gas now.

<sizzle…sizzle> What’s that smell? Ohhh you knowww. <screeeech> That is the end of that.

Wait, it gets better. I know, how could it possibly get any better?

After who know how long I realize something critical.

I’m selling my cards under a different name than my blog<forehead slap>…lol

Jez, I’m my own worst enemy.



  1. Were you working on resizing your picture on a computer? What happened with the name? Was it a watermark issue? Or some other thing? A good free program for graphics is GIMP, but, like most programs, need a bit of learning. I hope you were able to fix your issue. Good thing you caught the problem before it got any worse.


    • Thanks for the info.

      Funny, my husband sent me a link for GIMP. In the same email he said he’d be no help…lol

      Actually I needed to grab some text so I could move it and maybe resize it.

      Only problem is I use my iPad Pro and iPhone so much more than my MacBook. Not sure exactly why. Needless to say I have not gotten things the way I want yet.I’m sure it will happen sometime e this year., I just need to force myself to get in front of my Mac…lol ok probably sooner than that.

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