Is it just me? 👀 Is It always necessary to be on guard??

no copyright pop out eyes web images

<<You’ve received a message from??>>       Hit enter to see message.(I innocently read) Okay(click) I hit the enter button w/ my finger.

BAM!!(no I’m Not Emril) My eyeballs poop out of my head and flatten onto my computer screen.(👀) What the beepity bleep!

Look! This is a picture of my _ _ _ _ _ fill in the blank(feel free to add / remove more or less letters depending on the body part).

All the sudden my phone starts dancing as it is doing so much vibrating. Who knew my desk could make a noise like that? My messenger app is going bonkers.

My forehead begins to drip sweat like a faucet. My hands are fumbling around in an attempt to hit ignore before a video chat may accidentally open. NO! I do not want to see(speechless) the video chat.

I stare at my phone thinking I need a hazmat suit and my phone might need decontamination. Shoot me and the hazmat suit might need it too.

I’m innocently moving along my accept requests. Confirming friend or whatever they’re called approval requests. Thinking the more the better. HOLY COW BATMAN! What the heck was I thinking??

After 1, heavens forbid 2, of these surprises I become Uber sensitive. I see “hi sexy” to my friendly “hello” And I shrink into my chair. Then the next reads “where are you from?” I shudder….where am I from?? Why? What happened to a responding “hi”???

SO & so waved at me. Do you want to wave back. Wave?? What does a cyber wave translate to???

Just about the time I’m thinking “men”! I click enter to see Lucinda(made-up name). mistakenly thinking I approved her to see her _ _ _ _ _.  NOT! Block Lucinda along w/ others before and after her.

I lean back sweating int my chair. Wondering if I can deal with anymore of this today. I’m not sure I can.

Should I delete everyone I just okay’d? Certainly not everyone does that garbage? Oh, how should I deal w/ social media now?(brain numbing confusion)

Does anyone else have this problem?



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