Writing Prompt from JoJusJan 10th, 2020-Dog’s

One of my dogs, Tank when he was younger

I love and cherish my dogs. They’re always there and around me always. I’m trying to find a picture of my other dog, Skeeter. He is a toy rat terrier. He is maybe 10lbs.

Tank, I got from the SPCA and is approximately 85lbs. He is a brindle shepherd mix. Tank is probably the best dog I’ve every had. However both pups are my shadows.

Skeeter we bought from a breeder. I’m home alone during the day and talk to my pups as if they were humans

. It scares me and I can hardly bear to think about the fact that Skeeter is 14 years old and Tank is 11 or twelve.

Tank is showing signs of joint stiffness. Watching him makes me think about how I feel. They both understand good English…lol and I can read what they want.

My husband always doubts what I tell him they want, but I’m almost always correct. I speak good dog…..lol

When people abuse dogs, or any animal for that matter, it breaks my heart. If I see wrongs occurring I have no problem calling the person out and reporting them.

Dogs=Unconditional LOVE!

Do you feel the same?



  1. Yes I feel very much the same! I am a beagle person. Since the 80’s I’ve had a succession of beagles in my life; first Molly then Ruby, Bert, Daisy and Jack. Most have been purebred beagles but I have never got a dog from a breeder. Somehow the Beagles just come to me. Molly was the first and the only one that turned out to be “mostly” a beagle, she was perfect for my children as they grew up and shared in many adventures with them. Ruby came to us from one of my wife’s work mates. She was a puppy that had to much energy for them and so they wanted to get rid of her. Ruby and I loved each others company and she died way too young, I still miss my friend oh could she sing! Bert was a big hearted boy that was found wondering down a state hi way and I just happened that day to stop in the pound in a town I just happened to be at. It was meant to be. Bert had a great nose for finding garbage to eat and fun. Daisy came to us from a abusive home she even still is a bit standoffish but she loves us as best she can and we love her. She is now 13 and still is living with us. Jack was found on facebook just last year, he is 12 and he is the most loving and joyous beagle I have ever encountered. I’m 70 now myself and having beagles in my life I can honestly say has been one of the best parts and I wouldn’t trade any of them for all the gold in the world. Along with my family they have made me me. And furthermore; if I meet some one who says I don’t like dogs chances are I won’t like them.


    • So true, a dog can tell you a lot about someone they meet. I have learned to trust their gut, they are usually right. A non dog person would not understand. In addition they most likely they wouldn’t get dog approval.

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