Writing Prompy from Jus Jo Jan the 12th, 2020—Gravity

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Daily writing prompt from Jus Jo Jan the 12th, 2020—Gravity.

I have been thinking about the word gravity. The first thing I think of is the quote “I don’t think you understand the gravity if the situation”. This quote was in National Treasure, Dr. Who, along with many others.

Next, my mind immediately goes to the word Love. The word, the feeling, and the emotions that accompany the word love can be overwhelming.

Feelings and emotions can can affect the gravity of a relationship positively or negatively. It can change daily or even hourly for that matter.

When two people are sharing their lives everyday is and adventure. There are good adventures and bad adventures.

The strength of their love needs to be strong….strong enough to make it through the bad adventures. Needless to say it is easy to make it through.the good adventures.

The strength of their love definitely needs to be strong. I’d say their love needs to be stronger than gravity.


Not to sound stupid, but I don’t know how to add a badge w/o code. Any help would be appreciated.



  1. “love” Is I think the most powerful word in the human language. Often misused or even trivialized; I think within those four letters the whole of our human experience lives. And that’s wonderful. Love of children, love of wife, love of friends, love of country, love of crafting or hobby, love of music, love of books, love of nature and on and on and on. love is always at the center of the best parts of life… even the sorrow of loss. I’m sorry but I don’t even know what a “badge” is so I’m no help there! have a great day


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