JoJusJan 14th, 2020–Publish

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Writing prompt—Publish, JoJusJan 14th, 2020.

I have to say if I thought yesterday’s prompt “Subscribe” was difficult, today’s “Publish” is even more difficult. I have been thinking about this prompt all morning and early after noon while painting and simply working on the porch.

The one thing that popped into my head was an article to potentially get poetry published if you got chosen. I was about 2003ish when I had been divorced approximately 3 years and still under my previous married name.

“What the heck let me see if I can write a poem that is worthy”. After many starts,  stops, and erases. I thought I might have gotten a decent poem on paper.

I filled out the form, attached my poem, and sent it off through the mail. To be honest I had totally forgotten about the whole thing.

Several months later I received a congratulations letter in the maul. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe I’d been chosen.

What followed several months later was a offer to purchase a book and it would include my poem and it would be published!!

It was only $20 so I figured it would be neat to see my poem published in a book.

It wasn’t until after all this that I realized I was potentially a sucker. I got the feeling they would pick every poem that was submitted. They would only publish and include in a book the one’s people purchased for $20. Might be wrong, but just a feeling I had.

I realize it’s no masterpiece, but I actually like what my brain managed to squeeze onto paper. Just incase anyone is interested, the book title my poem is published in is “Tracing the Infinite”. My poem is below;

A man so strong with words so true
Can make you smile and never be blue
Touching his arm you can feel the power
To love or lust to taste or devour
He holds in his hand many things this is true
For a woman he can make you happy or blue
So choose your moves carefully for this is but told
The heart is so strong but so quickly grows cold
The signs of love may seem so token
but the pain within may go unspoken
Jennifer Lee Gore
I have decided that even if it was an everybody qualifies kind of thing, I’m glad I got my poem published. Even if no one else ever gets the book that includes my poem. Tt’s neat to be “published” in a weird way.
So, I’m curious, am I right about how this if you qualify thing worked?



  1. It’s just great to see your work in print, though, isn’t it?
    I know there are companies that do this to school children and their parents.
    Every child is chosen, but am email is sent to say your child is a writing winner. Of course parents want to buy that book!!!


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