Dutch Goes The Photo—Tuesday Photo Challenge on Wednesday

A Jeep TJ Wrangler is the car I swore I would get once my kids were older. This way I didn’t’ have to worry for their safety. Despite much inspection I found out later this 2000 Jeep above was not safe to drive….sigh….heartbreak.

I bought another Jeep TJ Wrangler that was sound in body, but had no motor. A friend of the family worked on switching everything working / better from the blue Jeep to the Yellow Jeep.

It took about a year / year and a half or longer. After I got it back medical issues kept me from driving it anywhere.

It didn’t help that all the problems with the initial Jeep caused me to be very disenchanted with me long time dream.

After probably a about a year I was able to drive close to home. Unfortunately it still need a good deal of work.

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was when my youngest son, Justin came to me immediate rescue. He replaced my alternator, some big belt I can’t remember the name of, my brakes and routers, my passenger side caliber, an oil change, and a few little things he just saw needed fixing.

My husband replaced some dead speakers and got my a/c to work some how. He had tried something my son did, and messed around from there and I have a/c.

There are still a few things that need to be done, but I am back in love w/ my dream! I love driving my Jeep.

I can’t go farther than my Mom’s house. Which is really all I wanted, to be able to see my parents whenever I wanted. When needed I’d beg rides from hubby or my Mom.

I guess a photo challenge isn’t supposed to have so much context, but I think the story is part of the photos.


Has anyone ever had dream that became, disappointing, then rejuvenated?





  1. Without any melodrama, my life is a bit like the boulevard of broken dreams…But broken as they may be, they always give rise to new dreams.
    Several people have called me ‘cynically romantic’ in this respect. I guess my only learning is to be picky and then chase the dreams that are dearest…


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