What is the misconception people have about you?

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This question is posed by The Freethinking African

The one thing that I immediately think I of is my health. People look at me and I appear perfectly healthy.

I have a litany of medical issues. Some are known and some are not. I won’t bother trying to list them as I don’t feel like anyone wants really wants to hear about it. Whenever I’m asked “how are you today?” I always manage to slip past the answer.

I’m sure it doesn’t help that many years ago when things weren’t as bad that I made a big effort to hide how I felt / feel. I can no longer try to hide how I feel. However, the only people who tend to even be able to tell are those closest to me.

I am in constant severe pain, including my skin and hair. Yes, hair can hurt. Confrontations / disagreements make me physically ill for days. If I have to go to 2 doctor appointments in a week span, even if they are close by I am down and out for days.

My husband does all the grocery shopping and cooking and most other chores, In addition to working a full-time job. Any help I managed is a fraction of what is needed, I cannot finish anything.

It’s impossible for anyone to understand. Over the last 23+ years every single test; bloodwork, nerve tests, x-rays, MRI’s, basically anything you can think of comes back normal. NORMAL!! I can’t make a fist, but I supposedly have no swelling…can anyone explain this please???

Sigh, I’m done droning. I sure there are other assumptions made about me, but I am stopping with this assumption.


Does anyone else have any medical issues like what I have briefly listed?





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