JoJusJan 1/16/2020 Writing prompt—Experience

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Today’s JoJusJan 1/16/2020 writing prompt comes from Da@nofacilities, The prompt is Experience.

Whew, what a loaded word. For instance just because someone has a ton of experience it does not mean they have common sense.

I don’t think it matters how my experience you can list on a sheet of paper, even if you can fill both sides. If you don’t have common sense to go with all that listed experience it will only get you just so far.

I believe the lacking of experience along with common sense can affect many aspects of your life. Obviously, if we are talking about having lots of experience we are surely talking about an adult.

As an adult lacking both experience and common sense it can affect your job / employment, your relationships throughout life, and raising kids.  On a different level, buying, maintaining, and potentially selling a house, which would also apply to cars.

On a slightly different thinking your can have a totally different kind of experience. The kind that comes mostly from reading books. I’m sure you are probably are seeing where I’m headed.

Experience whether someone gets it from life or books still needs to have common sense for it to be useful. Of course this is my opinion and may be totally wrong.



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