Writing Inspiration Emails—Writing prompt by Steffthecat

From steffthecat writing prompt Make a wish on the Windowsill

Make a wish on the windowsill—Writing prompt by STEFFTHECAT

In this prompt we are supposed to pretend we are writing an email to a co-worker using the above prompt.

When I saw the way we had to use the prompt I thought “how am I going to manage this”? I just started writing and the email took on a mind of it’s own. Strangely interesting.

My prompt email is below….


Hey, just wanted to say “good morning”. I just saw you walk past the time clock. Remember yesterday at lunch we were talking about wishes?

Specifically we were musing about leaning on a windowsill with the sun’s heat on our faces. You asked me what I would wish for while at the windowsill?

I have not been able to put your question out of my mind. I now have an answer. However, try as I might I could not chooses just one wish. Then again you never said I could only have one.

With all my heart these are the things I would wish for, no matter how unrealistic some might be. I wish for; my families happiness and good health, peace between all people, and people to begin fixing what we’ve destroyed on this planet we so desperately need.

Now, I’d like to know if you have given any thought to what you would wish for on a windowsill.

If we aren’t able to have lunch today I hope you have a great work day.




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