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I love the subject matter of this blog post. So, along with my thoughts below I decided to reblog this around. I hope you enjoy.

I trust my dog implicitly. Dogs can read people quicker, faster and better than their owners’. They can read your moods better than your spouse and they know when something is just not right,

The only thing that sometimes gets into the way is their owners’ inability to read all their signs as quickly.




How much do you trust your dog?
I don’t mean with leaving food on the table or being left alone with kids, but can you read the signs, and what’s more, take notice of what your dog is trying to tell you?

Maggie has a sniffer on her like no other dog I have ever known. When Hubby was in security, at home he taught her to seek and find ‘contraband’, this being some old baccy rolled in a denim cigar which was her ‘toy’. She never failed to find it, enjoyed the game, and had she ever had pups, we believe her babies would have been perfect for border control sniffer dogs.
Photo: Maggie and ‘babies’  April 2018

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