Three Things Challenge #121

# Things Challenge photo

Todays’ Three Things Challenge are Glass, Leaf, Robin

Out under my camphor tree I set a glass on the bricks. I had place some water in the glass where I placed a flower cutting that I accidentally had broken off the large plant. I was hoping to have it survive and create a start for anew plant.

I had gone inside to get my rooting powder. Just as I was about to open my door I happen to catch movement out of the corner of my eye. I saw a leaf on the cutting move. What??

I had to look a little closer before I saw the Robin picking at my cutting. A second later the movement of the water in the glass caught the Robins’ attention. I could then hear him tapping his beak on the glass and then giving it a sideways look as if he was confused.

I snickered under my breath. He tapped a few more times cooking his head in the other direction. This time I busted out laughing. The Robin promptly fluttered up into the Camphor tree., I will surely scare him off when I go close to the tree.

Before I stepped outside I grabbed a shallow flattish bowl. When I got out to my cutting I poured most of the water into the dish. I then turned to walk away and tend to my cutting.

I couldn’t wait until I got inside. I wanted to watch out the window and see if the Robin felt like investigating his new container. This container would allow him to reach the water.




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