Writing Inspiration Email

From writing Inspiration Email—Magical Notebook

Writing Inspiration Email—I dropped my Magical Notebook by Steffthecat


Hey girlfriend. I haven’t seen you in a week or two. I hope everything is going well. I know you had a lot of invites coming up.

Around here all is crazy as usual. Oh My Gosh! Crazy indeed, you are never going to believe what happened.

The day before yesterday I was sitting on the bench next to our lake. I was writing in my magical notebook, it was a beautiful day. It was cool with a nice breeze. Enough about the weather. You know how easily I can be distracted(kind of like a 3yr old…lol).

As I was saying , I was writing in my magical notebook and the words were coming so easy, for once. All the sudden I felt this feeling like little bug feet were moving on my arm. Yup, you know what happened, don’t you?

I gave a girlie yelp. I jumped up flapping my arms to rid myself of the crawly thing. Then, everything to happen in slow motion. Only thing is it all seemed like it was rapid motion.

My new magical notebook leapt out of my hands. Before I could even think of doing anything is bounced once on the ground and then promptly splashed into the lake. I heard my self scream”NOOOO!”, but it was to late.

I ran to where it had plopped into the lake and snatched it up quickly. A las, I was not quick enough. It was a goner. A clump  of magical pages that had no hope of being able to be dried or fixed.

I felt myself crying for the loss of words and pictures I had written and drawn inside. The tears, of course, were also for my magical notebook. I don’t know if I will ever be able to afford another.

As I walked back up to the house I saw some of my tears landing on the hopeless blob in my hand. The thought of making things even worse made me all the more upset. As I was almost to the house you will never believe what happened.

Apparently my tears of sadness and losss had some affect on the messed up blob I was holding. Right before my eyes and in my hands, I could feel the blob returning to its original form.

I hurriedly flipped through the pages of my magical notebook and all my work was there. I pulled the notebook to my chest. As my tears of sadness turned to tears of joy I promised not to use my magical notebook near water ever again.

I guess that is enough drama for one email. I hope to see you soon.





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