Technically, I S’pose This is Only a Half Wasted Day


Despite my best intentions, I feel asleep before anything got done. Wellll, I might have deleted a few emails and maybe even commented on one or two. However, I’m not sure this can technically be counted a getting something done.

After I regained consciousness I went to my craft room to finish a card I didn’t quite get done before I laid down last night.

Ahh yess, last night. I had laid down a little late. About 8:45ish. When my husband came back to bed he was surprised to see me still awake. I was surprised to see it was 11p.m. I was still up at midnight.

I know this, as my two dogs were wanting out. So, I let them out and we all went back to bed and I’m assuming I fell asleep sometime after that. However, I was up before my hubby’s first alarm went off at 6a.m.

Back to the card. I was so close to finishing it when my head nearly exploded. My extremely smart 10lb dog who knows how to scratch on the door to get out came into my craft room.

Oh, you know where this is going….right? I had already let him out once or twice this morning. He did NOT scratch on any doors or do any of the other things he does to let me know he wants out. Instead my extremely smart stupid 10lb dog started to take a leak arms length from me.

OH MMMMMM GEEEEE(to put it nicely). I leapt out of my chair threw the kitchen door open & was screaming for him to get the bleep outside…..which he didn’t do at first. Yup, just making it worse. Surprisingly the doors remained on their hinges as I slammed them shut. My poor truly extremely smart 85lb dog was trying to find somewhere to hide and shrink himself from my wrath.

I yanked out my Bissle crosswave and cleaned the offensive carpet and cleaned the rest of the floor I could reach with the cord at the time.

The idiot dog was outside wailing like a wounded animal despite not being physically touched one iota. I allowed this stupidity to continue for 30 minutes or so.

I took my broken back and body as well as so many other pains to try to finish my card.  My pain would be bad from the small amount I had done on a good day. Now you add the anger and stress of the dog situation and words can’t describe the way I felt.

I managed to finish my card, and got it posted on My Handmade Card Creations Blog . I’m pretty happy with it I will say.

My 85lb smart dog decided he was not the one I was aiming my anger towards. Although he continued to walk on ice. Which is more than I can say about the idiot, outside. After I closed the door to my craft room I relented and let the wailing idiot back inside.

Sine I had moved the cord I finished cleaning the kitchen floor. Which I couldn’t wait to stumble my way to my computer in the living room. I get so disgusted with myself. I can’t even consider vacuuming the living room , our bedroom, and finish cross waving the floors until tomorrow.

Hold the phone!! That probably isn’t going to happen. Why? Because I have another doctor’s appointment to see about physical therapy……sigh How many days is this going render me more useless than usual??

I have more doctor appointments this month than I care to admit. I have one next week and the week after then I have two the week after that. However, who knows how many I will actually have when I find out how often the physical therapist wants me to come in….sigh. It’s starting to look like a wasted month.

I cannot express how tired I am of seeing doctors, taking pills, not to mention being the way I am let alone how I am on a day when I’m knocked out of wack. It’s not hard to see why a normal person cannot even begin to even imagine how my life is.





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