Friday 5 Lines or Less


Friday 5 Lines or less. Today’s word is Example. I hope this is right by putting a link here and not on Patricia’s blog as well. To be honest I still don’t hsve where to place a link other than where I’m told. Feels weird not placing one on her blog. Oh well, I guess I will eventually figure it all out.


Example is a word you would use to help describe what an idea or another word means.

A rose(widely known name) is an example of a type of flower.

Can you give me an example of a work group?

An example of a work group is more than one person working together on a project.

An example is a great way to easily clarify your meaning or intentions to someone.




  1. You linked with a pingback when you clicked on the word, example, and then clicked on the thing that looks like a paperclip and put the address of my post where the url goes. It can be confusing. Anyway, you did the pingback correctly. If you go back to my post comments you will see your pingback. I am happy you shared and linked your lines, thank you.


    • Hmmmm, I wonder what I did different this time. I have never had anyone tell me that before. I will try to make it simple next time and your welcome. Ahhh, am I not supposed to have a site connect to a link word on my post? When I place a copy on your comment I go to my posting list and click copy link and that is what I put in your comments?? Sorry if this response is also confusing. I do the word link on my post so people can easily see your post incase they don’t see the ping back in your comments. Should I just make it show on my post as a regular website URL?


      • It can be confusing! The way I learned about pingback was to go to the WordPress support page…in the search bar type in “how to create a pingback”. That will take you to the page that explains how to do it. If it is still a mystery contact WP and they will help you. Or just do it as you have been. That works fine. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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