What Are 2 Things that Do NOT go Together???

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What are the 2 things that do NOT go together?? Well? Anyone? Anyone?? Okkkkkk, I’ll enlighten ya.

The 2 things are Doctors & Appointments….lol. I mean, yea they give you an appointment etched in stone for your arrival.

What happens if you get to the office on time?….you wait…If you get there early?…You wait….If you get there late?….You wait(probably longer)….If you don’t have an appointment?(If you can be seen)…you get “worked in”.”Worked in”=you wait ‘til last).

let’s think about this. Supposedly my primary care doctor sent all my information to the physical therapy office. Yet, I just realized that yesterday when they called to remind me of my appointment today they said they wanted me there 15-30 minutes early. When I was talking to them yesterday I basically did the bobble head nod(Uh-huh)

On my way to their office today a light bulb went off when I was at a red light. Why do I have to be there so early if they have everything they need? I am a good little patient and get there 30 minutes early.

I signed in on the clipboard. No sooner had I signed in then one of the office workers was shoving a clipboard in my direction. I take it, but my brain is silently churning out some special character keyboard symbols. After the clipboard there was some tablet tapping trying to ascertain how limited and painful my movements are.

Am I paying to see a doctor or just create a paper trail for the office accountant. Well, I guess physical therapy means I will most likely eventually see some human. I stopped looking at my watch after 30 minutes past my original appointment time.

I don’t know what time it was when I jolted at hearing my name being called. Even better I heard it somewhere other than the check in desk.(I think I hear angels singing)

So, my evaluation person started by asking me…wait I should say, she started by re-asking me everything that I had put on the papers shoved at me earlier(my head connects w/ the physical therapy table next to me). I am ever so grateful it was padded.

I was told ..sorry, asked if I was able to come twice a week? I wanted to say no, but I said yes. I was given 2 pieces of paper with some home exercises to work on(homework from the doctor) woohoo.

She had me do two sets of different movements. Just enough to get some nice cramping started. Unfortunately, the cramping was reviving up in places that I couldn’t figure out how to move to get some relief.

I wanted to scream, but managed to remain silent. I may have grimaced, but I was too busy trying not to scream to know if my face was silently screaming. I also have no idea what to call the movements so you can get a visual. You’ll just have to trust me.

This is longer than I was anticipating, but it’s giving me some mental relief. I’m sure I’m breaking one or several blogging rules on this post. Oh well, what can I say I’m a rebel….lol

Total time served this visit 3 hours.




  1. I observe “like” in accordance with thine commentary, now not according to what happened. And I don’t be aware of where the reply is. I strive in accordance with remain over the honest facet concerning doctors, even though the dictation makes such strong and frequently maddening. But life wild (as in crazy) namely properly as like ill (in the other ways) is now not then good, either. I don’t know. The law encourages passivity. In me, it encourages active away.


  2. I note “like” to your commentary, not to what happened. And I don’t know what the answer is. I try to stay on the good side of doctors, though the system makes it hard and often maddening. But being mad (as in crazy) as well as sick (in the other ways) is not so good, either. I don’t know. The system encourages passivity. In me, it encourages going away.


    • Oh yes, staying on the good side of doctor’s is a must. Sorry, if my sarcasm appeared to be negativity aimed outwardly to the doctors. It was all in my mental self…I s’pose it helps me cope with the aggravation when I am sharing in typed words.


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