What Inspires Me??

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What inspires me? Question from Artistcoveries

Inspiration is a funny thing. As I was pondering this question, I thought, there are both good and troubling things that inspire me.

Let’s start with the “good” things the make me want to pick up a pen or start tapping on my keyboard. When I see something beautiful; a photo, a sunset or rise, a simple flower, art either created by an artist, or a craft by a creative person, just to name a few.

Of course, it would be impossible to list everything good that inspires me. That and it would one heck of a run on sentence…lol.

I’m also inspired when I see or hear something funny. It’s nice to share something you hope will make others’ smile or even laugh.

Actually, one other very important thing inspires me. It is when I see a person doing the right thing, or simply helping another person w/o bring asked.

One of the troubling things that inspire me are the dreadful things we are doing to our beautiful planet. Of course people doing harm to one another. This can be both physically and mentally. It can be a simple lack of taking or doing an action of one type or another as well.

Inspiration also hits a home run when I see people mistreating helpless animals. Wether this be mentally, physically, or by not providing them with the necessities, or comforts of life. I’m sure there is more I could list, but I will stop here.

I will share this random thought I just had.

As I sit here typing, a picture of the Charlie Brown character playing the piano pops into my head. You know he sits with his knees bent up to his chest banging out his tunes.

Now I am sitting(but my knees aren’t bent up to my chest. I have my key board(not piano)of my iPad on a tray in front of me banging out thoughts(not tunes).

I want to call him Linus, but I think that is the character that carries the blanket.

Does anyone know the piano playing character’s name?





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  2. Thanks so much for sharing my blog with your readers. I’m glad you found my question thought–provoking. As for the piano-playing character, I believe that’s Schroeder. 🙂


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