You’re A Winner!

Holy moly I received a scam call they were acting like they were from social security. This was way before social security sent out a warning. They had me so freaked out that I had been a victim of identity theft I changed all my banking accounts & credit cards. Talk about anxiety overload. When I told my husband he freaked in reverse, was totally pissed at me. I started crying asking him how was I supposed to know it was a scam when they were giving me all my info not asking me for it. I called SSI and she assured me it was a scam but I was to far gone to be placated & was telling my husband I was just trying to protect what money we had & direct deposits……I can still feel how panicked I was…..sigh

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Leigha Robbins

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“This seems like a deal too good to be true, Lydia.  Are you sure they said you won that much money?” Keri asked the woman standing by the sink.

“Yes, they said I had won the money and just needed to call the number they gave me.” Lydia poured herself a second cup of coffee and went to sit down at the table with Keri.

“I don’t know it just sounds sketchy.  I have won very small amounts from Publiser’s Clearing House before and they always sent me a letter confirming it.  I don’t think for that big of a win that they would call.  They should be at your front door with flowers and balloons.  I just don’t trust this.”

“Fine honey, I won’t call the number.”

“Thanks Mom, I’d feel better if you didn’t.”

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (FOWC) – 

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  1. Doesn’t this sort of thing make everyone skittish? Fact or fiction, these accounts (pardon the sad pun) evoke real alarm bells. If only the phone was fun the way it used to be. Did it used to be fun?

    Your narrative work is certainly relevant. Let’s all hang on, I guess.


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