Hours After Physical Therapy

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As I am typing this,  it’s obvious I lived through my first session(one hour) of physical Therapy. Limping, mind you, but survived.

What I’m really worried about is tomorrow. The day after anything is always worse, for me(that is). Jez…for that matter the day after the day after in many instances can be just as bad for that matter.

I did manage to get the cards finished that I was making for a lady. I just need to get the envelopes made. I will most likely finish those tomorrow. Then I just need to get them to her.

I sincerely, hope I’m able to sleep tonight. I’m doubtful, as on a good night it is amazing to get deb=cent sleep. Of course, if you’ve read my blog at all this is no surprise. I not to drag on, because I can’t see that as being enjoyable to read / hear about. I guess that is why I pay a therapist.

I do have one interesting(to some) comment to talk about, Yesterday, as I was leaving my Mom’s she said “maybe all these new doctors’ will help me, finally. I nodded as I pulled out of her driveway.

On my drive home I was thinking about her comment. What went through my head was that the doctor’s couldn’t even tell me everything that was going on with me. Don’t get me wrong, I have a long list. However, they all admit there are other things they were clueless about.

No test comes back saying anything accept “normal”. I am clueless to how this can possibly be correct.




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