The Day After…

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Yesterday(Wednesday) was a butt kicking PT session. I was barely able to walk out of the PT office. I could only think about how I would feel today since I was feeling so bad at that time.

I had a terrible time getting comfortable enough to sleep last night. It was very difficult getting out of bed and moving around. My husband left for work about 6:30a.m.

About 7a.m. when it was light enough, I forced myself to put my bird feeders out. The birds are used to them being out around this time. It amuses me that if I don’t have the feeders out the birds will start vocally letting me know they are not happy…lol

The weather is starting to warm up around here. I’m pretty sure we have some cooler days yet to come.

So, I also forced myself to transplant a Jacaranda tree sapling that I have been growing in a pot(until it got bigger)that needed to go into the ground. I thought it would be relatively easy. However, it is never as easy as I think.

I forced myself to put everything back in its place. I was having a hard time caring if things were put up or left where they stood. I limped inside, washed up, and sat on my daybed.

I had my iPad in my lap with the intention of going through me email and checking out blogs I follow. Instead, I apparently I passed out. Despite the occasional attempt to wake  up I wasn’t able to actually keep my eyes open until 11a.m.(that’s quite a nap).

I hope I’m able to get at least one greeting card made.🤞

Half the day after is half gone, we’ll see what happens from here.




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