I Love my Jeep, but there are days…

I absolutely, Love my JEEP, but then there are days, like today, that I dream of older options. WHy, you ask? Well, today I would have just liked to be able to hook my horse up to my carriage and be off to my therapist’s appointment. The good thing abou my horse(don’t really have one) is that he would mow and fertilize my yard in his down time….lol

Still wondering why I’m day dreaming in this manner? I am day dreaming like this because when I went out for my umpteenth doctor appointment this month my Jeep would not start. It would not turn over enough to start. As my head  hit the steering wheel the horn beeped. Adding to insult to injury. I already knew I had 3/4 tank of gas.

I called my youngest son, Justin and had him give it a listen. I also wanted to see if there was anything I could try that I did not know to try. Of course there wasn’t, but he is going to stop by after work and see if he can see what is happening…or should I say not happening…sigh 🤞🤞🤞(yes, I wanted more than one).

On Christmas the year before last my husband and I gave everyone one(Mom, Dad, and sons’ Andrew & Justin)of those things that can give your car a jump, fill your tires with air, have a light, a 110 outlet, and some other stuff. We gave my parents 2 as they have 2 cars, a boat, and an RV. Shortly after we had given them to everyone, my Dad had to jump his truck. He was happy we gave them as gifts…yeaaaa love it when that happens.

So, I had to reschedule my therapist’s appointment. Since I am hoping for the best, but planning for the worst my Mother is going to take me to my PT appointment on Monday. Hopefully if we don’t already know what’s going on, we will know by Monday or Tuesday.

Don’you just love modern convinces?



  1. My Jeep, normally, does not give me any problems. But, the last two times that I was deployed, my wife had the same issue. She ended up, both times, replacing the battery. An aggravation and expense for her. I have had the Jeep since 2008 and I love it. This was the first time though that she asked me, “When are you going to get a new car?” Probably, never. It’s paid for and while it will never be as adventuresome as taking a horse and buggy, it is a lot more fun than, say, a Prius. Hope you got it running again.


    • Yes, the place I took it to….or should I say had it towed to did a great job(knock on woods) They have it running as good as my son did before the accident when it wouldn’t start and he didn’t have all the right tools so had to take to Jeep dealer will never take to that on again day after paying them 2K I got in the accident I’m not a big believer in coincidences, but did I have it back long enough to see if I needed to take back to them but my accident deductible was a ton les $$ & better mechanics & body shop was very disappointed that they didn’t do everyday issues Incase I had something else mine couldn’t fix. I love my Jeep too. Glad yours is behaving right now…lol


  2. Yeah, modern things are great, until they don’t work. In addition to the horse, you could keep a goat for lawnwork. I trust when you gave those gifts to family, you gifted yourself as well. Sorry for the Jeep and your having to wait. I can only hope all goes well with both of you.

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