Sad News on the JEEP Front….Sigh

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As some of you may know my youngest son, Justin, came over to see if he could help with my JEEP issue.

i think the thing he replaced was a cps. Anyway whatever it was it didn’t help. He thinks it looks like my power(voltage maybe) is not going to the back of Jeep.

Unfortunately, other than radios / speakers wiring is out of his range…..bummer, but glad he tried.

So, after Mom brings me back from PT tomorrow I have to call the Jeep dealer & see if I can have it towed there tomorrow. Then, I have to call / use my app to schedule a pick up with my roadside assistance from my house to the Jeep dealer.

As anytime you take your car someplace you hope it doesn’t take them forever to look at it and call you. I have rentals on my insurance but not sure if this will qualify.

Of course, (especially at a dealership) you have 🤞on the $$ of whatever is wrong….ugh All my doctor appointments wouldn’t be so bad except Mom has out of town company coming.

Which I was also planning on going over to visit some….sigh. So, who knows what’s going to happen now.

Hoping for the best, trying to expect a minimal worst.

Does anyone else feel my car pain?



  1. I got my car back not so long ago from repairs after a collision (someone ran into my car when it was parked; I wasn’t there). It’s old and creaky (literally), but it works. I think I could say the same for me. I guess which is to say there is the other side to look forward to. Sorry you have so many things to manage at the same time.


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