Flash Fiction February 2020–Crossing the Line

by Claudia McGill

Flash Fiction February 2020–Crossing the Line, by Anne Goodwin

I hope I have done all the links correctly and my understanding Of the writing prompt is correct. I apologize beforehand if I misunderstood anything.


Crossing the Line

My interpretation of the picture above in relation to the goings on in Africa is kind of tricky. I have read the artists description of her painting intentions. I see both her ideas and ideas of my own. I s’pose this can be said of most art. Creator verses viewer interpretation.

I see there appears to be a very distinct line between black residents and white residents. I’m sure this makes for a very strained atmosphere.

I can see the colors above that are said to represent the sky. As I look at the sky there seems to be a very definite division just as the colors below.  Although there is some blue on the right, the majority is still white, as the left is still mostly blue intertwined with black clouds.

This immediately makes me think the left sky above the black people is still oppressed. Where as the mostly light sky above the whit people is light and up lifting.

I cannot understand why people no matter what kneed or color cannot treat others’ equally and with respect? They don’t have to like the way their neighbors’ live, but they should be able to accept the simple fact that they have a different lifestyle.

After all , are we not simply all human with different opinions and ways of life?



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