Blogging Insights #18–Niche?

From Dr. Tanya

Blogging Insights #18–Niche? Dr. Tanya Asks;


Do you have a niche for your blog If so tell us more about it. (ignore the rest of the questions).

I would have to say I do not have a niche. When I first started out it took me a long time(mostly medical issues) to commit to blogging. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was forced to find all new doctors.

The primary care doc I found was able to get me to a point where I could post more on a regular basis to my blogging.(still not anywhere close to my long ago normal) but not a medicated zombie.

I hand the idea(as you can see in about me that I should probably update)that I was going to post any artsy and crafty things I did.

However, I started getting followers(which I love) that were liking my posts.  These beloved followers had blogs with writing of different types or other things. I felt it only fair that I should reciprocate the blog love. I have always loved writing so I kind of got sucked into the different writings that they were posting. Now I try to do both as I love it all.

Have you ever thought of niche-ing down and why?

Yes, I have thought about niche-ing. I make custom handmade greeting cards and have for years. Mostly I just make for family and friend occasions that I send(not diligently I must admit). I also make cards for my Mother so she can send some as well.

Every time my Father would see or receive one of my cards he would rant at me about how I should be selling my cards. I would tell him they aren’t perfect. To which he would chastise “That is Why it is Called Handmade!!”…sigh. Several of my Mother’s friends’ request that I put a blank piece in their cards so that they can reuse them…lol

So, I started a blog strictly for the handmade cards( make. The only cards I post on this blog as well are cards I enter into challenges or contests. No online orders yet(still figuring out social media & stuff).

What are the topics you like to write about?

I have discovered that I like to write about almost anything. I even like the challenge of using, only a specific amount of words, or a specific style, etc.

I guess if it came right down to it I love finding people(seems to be mostly women) who suffer medical conditions. Many are the same or so similar to mine I feel a sense of relief(ina way).

When I read what is going on in their life /lives or the things people say that are so like my world I feel like I have met someone who I can talk(type) to who truly can understand all the weirdness both mental and physical that I / we are dealing with. I feel less alone. I find myself wishing they lived closer or we could actually talk.

I’m also able to forward those posts to my Mother and they seem to help her understand more clearly.

No matter how hard my family tries to understand, it is just truly impossible for them.

If you chose just one as your niche, how much would you miss writing about the others?

First, I honestly don’t think I could happily choose just one. So, I s’pose that in itself answers the question. However, I like the changing…it keeps any one topic from getting to heavy)so to speak.



  1. Your creativity shines through in your designs as well as in your writing.
    I love how you answered these blog related questions and at the same time discussed a lot about life too.
    Why don’t you have a go at some of the previous Blogging Insights questions?
    There is no time limit on them . I have designed them as conversations with bloggers and I would love to read your views if and when you have the time.


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