Carol Ann Ask’s?

something red, double knockout roses.

Where was the last place you traveled to? How Was your trip there?

The last place I traveled to was Bloomington, MA with my Mom and Aunt. Although We did land in Vermont, and were in Connecticut for a little bit.

As always, I hated the plane ride. I hate flying and I especially hate how cramped they make everything. For some reason by the time we landed my stomach was extremely upset. I was sick every time we ate anything and even w/o eating I had to know where the closest bathroom was located.

The mountains were beautiful as everything was starting to come alive. One thing I noticed is that people either didn’t post hours on their shops and just opened when they felt like opening. Or they posted hours and still opened when the felt like opening. This made it had to make plans.

As we were relatively close to New York City we spent one day there as my Aunt has never been. We went to see the play Chicago which was great. The bad part was the seats were as cramped as on the plane.

Despite being sick I managed to go into a few antique shops and thrift stores and had a few cool finds. Luckily I managed to have a nice time. My Mom, her Aunt(Mom’s sister), and I get along great.




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