Ghosts vs. Hallucinations(True…for me)

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Ghosts vs Hallucinations

First, yes I totally believe ghosts. I also believe there is also good and evil. To some extent I believe you can determine what surrounds you.

However, I also believe there are times, actually places, where your environment existed before you’ve presence there ever did.

My Grandmother on my Mother’s side passed in May(I believe the 15th) in 1994.  To be sure I’ll have to to check with my Mother.

My oldest son was born September 20th(a mere 4 months later) of that same year. I am grateful that she did get to see a video of his sonogram, and what(my then 1st husband) and I were(and did) going to name him. He was to be her first Great Grandchild.

I was very close to my Grandmother and spent a lot of my childhood with her. I miss her dearly. I’m not sure, but I think I was still pregnant with my son when I experienced my 1st supernatural sighting.

I had forgotten to turn off the window air conditioner that we had in our(1st husband’s)bedroom. To save on the electric we kept its thermostat set warm during the day.

I was climbing the stairs to get to our room and turn it off. I opened the door and a Whoosh of bone chilling air hit me in the face.

I remember thinking how cold and sweet the air smelled(thinking it odd). I glanced in the corner toward my glider rocker. There I saw my Grandmother’s mist of a body gently rocking.

I was startled(not scared) she smiled at me and that fast she was gone. I was left standing in our bedroom doorway staring at the chair. Saddened slightly by her memory.

I think the next instance I was in my last few weeks of pregnancy. This took place in the same bedroom as before. This time I was laying in bed on my left side. I can remember that I was sad(can’t remember why).

My eyes must have been closed. For whatever reason I opened my eyes. This time I just saw my Grandmother’s face. It just sort of hovered and again she gave me a smile before the apparition disappeared. For no known reason I remember being calmed by the sight.

Over the next 26 years and through on more pregnancy of my youngest son I have had no further supernatural experiences.

Now it’s probably been approximately ten years ago, although mentally that seems so long ago. My then doctor(now disappeared) put me on a strong dose of pain medication. He did this in the hopes that I might get some relief from my chronic severe pain.

The first few nights do taking the medication the room would spin and fade in an out. I did not like the was this medication was making me feel mentally. Although it did seems to give me some small pain relief.

I’m not sure, maybe going on  a week at this time. I was in bed ready to be knocked out by another medication I was on at the same time. My husband(current hubby of 14 years now)turned out the light. He began walking towards our living room and I was screaming for his help before he made it down our hall.

When he turned out the light I glanced to the right(his side of the bed) and was totally freaked out by what looked so utterly real. My Grandmother was laying in her hospital bed and(it seemed like she was laying with me)my Uncle was sitting on the edge of her bed. What the heck was taking my husband so long??

I was petrified. My Grandmother, of course, was wearing a hospital gown. My Uncle was wearing kaki pants and a matching striped shirt, kaki and white. I could even smell how I remember them smelling((I’m in FL they were / are in MO).

My husband rushed into the room, and they disappeared. I was hysterical. I told him I was not taking anymore of that dose of that medication…..PERIOD. I can’t imagine why people take drugs in order to feel this way. My husband halved my dose and my pain was off the charts.

Even on the lesser dose I was still seeing things. However, all I saw except for that once were monsters. I can’t decide which was worse. You may ask how I knew the sighting of my family were a hallucination.

There are 2 reasons I know / knew they were hallucinations. One, my Uncle has not passed. Two, not once did my Grandmother look at me or smile at me as on the previous occasions.

Never will I understand why anyone would find the feeling drugs give you as enjoyable. Also, no matter how I dream of a minuscule amount of pain relief will I ever continue to take any medication that makes me feel anything close to the way that medication did.

For the record I have never taken any illegal drugs or used my medication more than prescribed.







  1. I was on Fentanyl for chronic pain for years. I’m not taking anything for pain since 2013. Drugs are a horrible thing, as the pain was hardly affected and the side effects horrid.


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