Adding My 2¢ to Just a Thought Re Big Business

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Adding My 2¢ to Just a Thought Re Big Business originally posted by Pensitivity101

As always these are purely my thoughts / opinions. I hope you(Pensitivity101)don’t mind my writing in response to your thought provoking subjects.

I would say that part, if not most, of your answer starts with the 2nd half of your 2nd sentence…..“Money is big business.

I will add big business(I will be nice and say..for the most part)is its Board of Directors aka big money. These board members’ can’t make big money w/o dividends paid on their investments.] on a regular basis.

An example would  be years back when the big car manufacturer’s were asking for bail out money. However, they were then called out on how they were handling their businesses during that period.

All the sudden the tables were turned on these big manufacturers. They  began being skewered by Congress. The Higher Ups of these manufacturers were called to task. Congress started mentally slapping them around for their private jets, big salaries, and big payouts to their Board of Directors’ while people were losing their jobs.

I have to laugh at this because Congress was… not so far in the then future was going to turn hypocritical. Congress is not much better than those they were ripping a new one.

Let’s remember back several years ago when we had several government closings. None of our elected people could just work together for the American people. Even our  kids’ in daycare or school have to share and get along. Hmmm?

The best of intentions have lobbyists or whoever breathing down their necks forcing their own agendas. They waste a lot of precious energy trying to get this or that snuck in and hidden in an otherwise good bill. Turning treasure into trash  Essentially dragging things out longer. Hmmm, sounds like the present day situation.

I think this is why a supposedly simple bill is 1000(One thousand)pages. How long do they seriously read before they start skimming? Even worse or hand it to one of their aids(nothing against their aids)to read and hopefully highlight the “pork”?

How many times did those who forced the government closures say, “don’t worry,  all the workers will get their money(even those working temporally for free)when the government re-opens”. How many closures did it take before some members of Congress stop drawing their own checks?

I remember sitting in my living room thinking how thoughtful they all were being. Except, how are those Americans’ eating and caring for their families until then!?? Oh, and just how long will it take for those Americans’ to dig themselves out of the hole(others’)that any financial upset causes? 

It’s not like everything just becomes even when you get the money you should have been getting over scheduled intervals, You will still be in the hole. Why? Oh I’m sure you know(household economics). It is because life is happening at a consistent rate now there are no bill  pauses, What if you have kid(s)…entirely different added stress.

Call me jaded or whatever you want. I believe it is impossible for the upper 2% to fathom any of this., Even if they humor themselves into thinking they do understand. How can they? Do they have savings? How much is the balance?

Do most Americans have a savings account? Maybe. Does the savings contain enough for them to make bills, food, gas, medical, and any number of things I’m forgetting? I’m betting the answer is no.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. If your circumstances allow(ed) you to become independently wealthy)no matter how)congratulations. I’m happy for you and yours.

Statistically though, how many Americans’ are above the poverty line? How many Americans’ can even be considered middle class anymore? How many Americans’ are in the upper 2%?

I believe that if big business even ran this by their board of directors you would be able to hear mental calculators adding up the loss for that suggested year. Big money did not get big by caring about the little households and it occupants.

I have read and reread this trying to put things in an order that makes sense. Sorry if I was unsuccessful. I also may be totally Wong in my thinking, but it is what it is as my husband loves to say.




  1. Thank you for doing your post in response to one of mine.
    Big Business is as you say Big because it doesn’t care about the little guy. IMO a lot of the ‘better off’ are finding it difficult to meet their current lifestyle and standard of living because they have no idea what it’s like for said ‘little guy’ and what I would term as the ‘real world’
    We were already in the poverty bracket according to our government’s website (UK), then they reduced Hubby’s disability by 60% (£2,000 a year) which dropped us into severe poverty. What equates to our JOINT annual income is what some earn a month or even a week. I am not knocking those who have done good in their careers and worked for what they have. It’s the Fat Cats that put my back up, and for them I get a certain ironic pleasure at the thought of them having water rather than fresh cream.


    • Wow that’s a huge decrease! It’s like they think people on disability(as I Am too in US) just don’t want to work. I had a part-time job from 16yrs and as soon as I graduated I always had a full-time and usually one if not 2 part-time jobs until I started getting sick. Yes Fat Cats are clueless. Grrrrr

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