Eugi’s Weekly Prompt—Captivating April 6, 2020


Eugi’s Weekly Prompt—Captivating April 6, 2020 hosted by Eugina

So Captivating I Can’t Look Away

One day I just could not stand knocking around the walls of my house for another second. I immediately started throwing items into a travel bag.

As I tossed items into the bag, I remember silently hoping that I had at least one matching outfit. In addition to both tops, bottoms. I also hoped that  a few pair of panties and a bra or to was finding its way into the bag.

It’s no fun to take a road trip by yourself. After my bag was filled to overstuffed and tossed by the door I started filling a bag for Jazz(my German Shepard). I caught her following me with her head as I dashed about. I could see her look of confusion on her doggie face.

The second Jazz saw me set her bag on the table she jumped up starting to shadow my every move. It began to seem like every time I turned we were scuttling about to avoid a dog pile…lol

Mentally a list was running through my mind; bed, blanket, food and water dishes, dog food, gallon of water, treats, leash, doggie doo pick up bags….hmmmm Oh! Lastly dog bones.

I grabbed my purse making sure(phone, charger, and money stuff)were inside, keys, and both our bags. Without a word Jazz followed me out the door as I loaded the car she did her business.

I shut the trunk and Jazz ran over and sat by the passenger door glancing my way, I laughed. I opened the car door for her and as she sat in her spot I fastened her seatbelt and walked around to my side of the car,

I started the car and looked at Jazz. I said, “Here we go girl. We are going to go in the directions that looks the most beautiful”. She answered with a bark and a doggie smile with her tongue hanging out of her open mouth.

We pulled out of the driveway and headed into the unknown, the day was beautiful. It surprised me how difficult it was to not look at road signs and recognizable landmarks.

We had been driving several hours(well Jazz was snoring)when I accidentally found exactly what I was hoping for right before my eyes. From what I could see(as I was still driving) the view was going to be captivating, dream come true.

I was even lucky enough to see a cute little hotel nearby. I parked outside the office and nudged Jazz, I walked to her side of the car and clipped on her lead. She quickly did some business w/ me dutifully at the ready with a bag. I got lucky and there was a garbage can on our way to the office.

They had a room available that had a back Door that opened onto the lake shore. I hit the jackpot when I found out the room even had a screened in little patio off the back door, I just had to pay a refundable fee to have Jazz with me. I didn’t even have to move the car.

Key in hand Jazz and I walked to the rear of the car and I grabbed our bags from the trunk. Jazz was a big help by carrying one of her bones. I shook my head and smiled at her. Jazz made my heart swell.

Once we got to our room it was almost dark and we were both starving. I immediately gave Jazz her food and water filled dishes.

Once I had her needs out of the way I found the nearby restaurants on my phone and promptly ordered myself some pizza. I could her slopping up water as I was ordering.

Once our tummies were full and bedtime needs taken care of it was times for bed. I was one tired explorer with an exhausted co-explorer.

I put Jazz’s bed and blanket out. Of course, I knew it was a simple homey comfort. Jazz always slept in the bed with me, I loved having her so close.

The next morning I was awakened with several freshly watered Jazz slops  across my face. “Okay…okay” I told her “I’m getting up”. As I sat on the side of the bed,  I was laughing and wiping Jazz kisses onto the sheet. Next thing I new I was being gently nudged off the bed….obviously we had a desperate situation at hand.

I pulled on my rob, grabbed doggie doo bags, clipped her leash on, and out the back door we went. I didn’t pay much attention until we were out of the screen door. I froze at the view that was before me. I could feel Jazz’s leash going this way and that.

I could do nothing except sit in the bench they had nearby. The sun was coming up with light pinks, yellows, oranges, and blues. The breeze was perfect,  just cool enough. I could hear the small lake waves lightly lapping the shore. I felt Jazz lay at my feet, lightly leaning against my ankles, a sweet comfort.

Jazz was very patiently taking a nap. This was good as I was so stunned by everything I was noticing around me.

The silence, quiet lake waves lapping, and beauty I was seeing and feeling all around me was beyond captivating.




  1. I enjoyed that story. During these odd times when most of us are stuck inside, I’d love nothing more than to grab my go bag and the pup, hop in the Jeep and just drive.


    • thank you! I’m glad you liked it. Yes, it is so much harder to actually stay inside or away from people than it is to actually be told / ordered to do so.


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