Eugi’s Weekly Prompt—“Courage”—April 13, 2020(w/ a true example)


Eugi’s Weekly Prompt—“Courage”—April 13, 2020 by

Courage (W/ a true example)

Courage is a relatively small word with a plethora of potential meanings. For instance you can have courage if you are a firefighter, police person, EMS, in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or National Guard.

On the other hand you can have courage if you are a husband, wife, parent, someone running a daycare, running an animal sanctuary, speak out when you see someone being wronged, and even a construction worker.

The above list is but a fraction of the different ways a person can show courage. Courage doesn’t even have to be something that is death defying or life threatening. Life threatening action is the most common meaning that most associate(many unconsciously)with the word courage.

If asked straight away if you are or could be courageous, most would say “I’m not sure” or “I guess it would depend”. I know that’s what I would answer.

I surprised myself one day nearly 20 years ago. I was at a restaurant with a fiend. We were seated by a Hispanic couple that didn’t seem to speak any English. My friend and I were chatting when a raised voice caught our attention.

I watched and listened as the waitress was becoming frustrated with the couple’s lack of understanding. Instead of stepping away to find assistance she kept raising her voice.  I saw the couple becoming flustered. They finally just pointed to the items they wanted on the menu to let the waitress know what they wanted.

We were standing up to leave as their waitress was walking away from their table. I approached the waitress and her expression changed from annoyance to butt kissing(just the truth). “I asked if she ever considered that they didn’t speak English?” Her expression changed to anger….”No Habla English” I said to her back.

I took Spanish classes in high school, but that was quite a long time past even them. I walked up to the Spanish couple’s table. Pointing to myself I said “Mi Pequeña Espaniol”(I speak little Spanish). Pointing to their waitress’ back I said, “lo siento”(I’m sorry). I turned and walked away.(Please give me a little leeway if I didn’t get the tenses correct)

When my friend and I got into the car I busted out laughing. My friend looked at me as if I was crazy(maybe I am). After I finished laughing, I said “I can’t believe I did that”! Smiling, my friend looked at me and “said neither can I”! We had one last laugh as we drove away.

This is the first situation that popped into my head when I saw the courage weekly prompt.

I’m telling you this as an example of a non life threatening form of courage. Funny thing is I took the actions above so fast I hadn’t even thought about if I wanted to get involved. I suppose that is why I laughed when we got in the car. It had been the first time I even realized what occurred.




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