Blogging Insights #24—A Word Of Advice

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Blogging Insights #24 Hosted by A Guy Called Bloke By Salted Caramel

I apologize for linking both blogs, but I was a tad confused, so I listed both to be on the safe side. For the same reason I am going to link a pingback on each. Not trying to be greedy.


1. What advice would you give someone launching their blog for the first time? 

Unlike some of my other Q & A posts this one is going to be relatively short and sweet.

In answer to this first question I really have no solid idea for a first timer, as that is me.

The only thing is it seems like posting something everyday is a difficult yet gratifying habit to be able to accomplish. Post all kinds of different types of posts.

If you do this, fellow bloggers will show you by response which of the posts they enjoy the most.

In my little bit of time of blogging True posts and funny posts seem to be liked the most on my blog.

Once you have followers’ be sure to take the opportunity when they arise to tell them  how much you appreciate them.

2. What would you tell them to do that you were not able to do?

I also read anything and everything I can find on becoming a better blogger. I have purchased some inexpensive ebooks. FREE is always the best. I just have cross my fingers it is good information.

Worst case scenario I would try whatever the idea was and see if it worked(for me) or not.

I have not been able to put many dollars towards spreading my blog around. I would like to, but I just cannot do this with good conscious when it  is not in the budget.

So, I just write, write, write, and hope other bloggers’ will start to find me interesting and/or entertaining, and hope they decide they want to follow my blog.

3. What is something that YOU did but you would strongly tell a new blogger NOT to do?

Ummm, this is a hard question. I have no answer for this one as of yet.

I can say for certainty that I have made mistakes, there is no way I could not have made some. However, they must not have slapped me in the face hard enough for me to know what they are.

Or it could be I’m just too much of a newbie to know what my mistakes are / were.

Good luck to all who I didn’t have much helpful information for, I wish you the joy of blogging.


***Actually, if there are any experienced blogger’s out there and have a good idea and feel like tossing me a bone, I’m not above taking some experienced advice. Thanks in advance just incase.***




  1. Since I can only blog part time I consider myself a novice too. Some things I’ve learned: 1. You have to interact with others to be noticed. Good writing & content is not enough. 2. Social Media does play a part in your blog’s presence so find one or two you can commit to. Twitter has a strong support base. Pinterest is #1 for driving traffic to your blog. It takes time to learn these mediums as well so introduce them one at a time. 3. Slow and steady builds a strong base if you keep a disciplined routine. The more time you have to commit to the steps, the faster you can grow. 4. Have fun and keep your goals simple so you don’t burn out on disappointment.

    I wish you the best! Now I’m going to go take my own advice! 😉


    • Yes, you are so right. I am definitely not a social media anything. I am however, signed up for the ones your’ve mentioned and I am trying to learn them. The bad part is I start getting confused when I am trying to decide if I should sign up as me or as my blog name. Just as I think I’m starting to kind of figure things out the platform changes something and I feel totally lost again.

      A las I keep plugging along, I‘m not sure if I’m getting any closer to understanding social medial……sigh. I do however comment on a lot of blogs and try to chat with others’ when possible. I am trying to work on getting more comments and less likes. Don’t get me wrong I love the likes, but the comments are whatI would like to increase. Another plus is that I have more follower than I ever thought I would have. So, that is cool..

      I hope your advice is working well for you. In the end I do love to blog and publish posts. I have no idea why I enjoy it, but I have grown to love it.

      Hope your weekend has gone well.

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