Re: From My Desk 4/17/20


Re: From My Desk 4/17/20 by Stine Writing

1. Why can’t we hear about all the people who are recovered from COVID-19?

Good question. However, do we hear about everyone who has the virus or even everyone who is currently being treated in the hospitals?

What about how many people are mildly ill compared  to people who are severely ill? Those who are severely ill what are they suffering from that is making them so ill?

OK, I understand they don’t know much about it. However, they know what’s going on with the people in the hospitals and the people they‘ve treated

I have no idea what is possible other than Possible cold like symptoms to I might die. I’d like to know what could potentially happen in my fight to live.

Do we even really know how many have died?

What about all the worry about testing when people are most contagious when they have no symptoms?

Why not say everyone has to get tested whether they think they have it or not. As most likely a person would never know they had even been exposed.

Yes, I know we don’t have enough tests….well why not? Didn’t they say we’ve been self isolating for 6 weeks(at least).

Last thought on this question. Have we even really been told everything we should or need know.

Is  this a do UFO’s exist we’ll tell you what we want you to know issue?

2. Why can’t it get warmer here in New England since it is already halfway through April?

Umm, is it usually warm there by now? If so I have to say climate change. Yes, I believe it exists(just my opinion).

3. How am I supposed to exercise when my entire body hurts all the time?

Another fine question. I have the same problem except they don’t know what I have.

That is other than Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, extensive depression, anxiety, etc.

However, every test known to man says I’m normal. Please tell me how that’s even possible. Oh, and for the record I’ve never been “normal”.

I could pretend to be a doctor and say “if you start doing some exercise you will feel better”.

I’m sorry, but I know that is b.s.(for  me anyway).

4. How am I going to learn how to use Photoshop?

I have no idea as I have yet to learn it. Now I can’t focus that long. So…..never.

Try using something simpler, with just as good of results. Then you don’t have to waste so much money on aspirin and computer glasses.

5. Why am I feeling so discouraged about my writing?

You might be trying to hard to write something you think others’ will think is good.

I say just write about whatever your passionate about. Whether it’s short stories, or maybe something that makeS people smile or laugh,

I think(my opinion again)people like to read about true life experiences. If you are writing a true article it doesn’t always have to be a happy ending.

Just write and you will worry less. Truth from my experience.

6. Why do babies ever get sick?

Short answer. Because sometimes life just sucks. For the record it rips my heart out too.

I just consider myself lucky that up to this point and hopefully far into the future(knock on wood)my kids’ have been healthy.

7. Why are people cruel to animals?

My opinion is because they are bad people. They probably aren’t nice to people either.

Likely doesn’t help that the animals they are cruel to can tell the person is bad. The animals’ body language tips the abuser off, thus giving them a “reason” to be cruel(not that they need a reason).















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