Sitting On A Fence—Who Am I?!(My Story) Part 2


Sitting / standing on a fence. That is how I feel when I think about my life(before / after).

I decided this was looking a bit long winded, so I’m dividing things into manageable parts. I’m trying to just hit the important highlights, but sometimes I fell like more explanation is needed. Sorry if I drone at times.

A Little more condensed(hopefully) background….

I felt I needed to include this time period of time so there would not appear to be a big hole of time missing.

From the age of 16 I had the same part-time job. The day I graduated high school that part-time job turned into a full-time job.

I married my high school boyfriend when I was 19. At this time I always had my regular full-time job and at least one part-time job. I hated being home alone and figured I might as well make extra money.

After we(1st husband)moved into our house our first son was born when I was a few months shy of 24. About 2 1/2 years later our second son was born in 1997.

Without going into all the gory details I divorced my kids’ father one week shy of 10 years. My kids’(then 3 & 5). The 4 of us moved in with my parents.

March of 1997, my youngest son was 2 months old. This is the first time I started seeing doctors about the mysterious pains I was beginning to have. In those early days the pain was mostly in my wrists and fingers and it was not constant, it was random.

This of course makes it even more difficult to try and get answers from doctors’. When you try to explain to the doctors’ where and what the pain is like, it just gets more unbelievable on their end.

I’m sure most of you can tell when a doctor starts thinking (yeah right in his head) and then starts trying to placate your concerns. Basically, the doctor throws a prescription at you and is just trying to get the heck out of the exam room and get you out of his office.

At the time this pain seemed almost seasonal. The pain seemed almost seasonal during this time. I was also beginning to have occasional migraines.

Even though the above was starting to occur, for the most part this was a time when I still had plenty of energy. I was busy with the kids’. At night I would go out with my friend. We loved music and meeting people. Neither of us drink alcohol. So, we danced and chatted.

Life was crazy, but fun and I was managing to keep the kids’ happy. My friend had 4 kids. When we got all 6 kids’ together they all had fun and my friend and I did as well.

At this time I was working as a phone tech for America Online. I worked 4 -12 hour days(4a.m.-3:30p.m.) I loved helping people, although the conditions of the actual job were stressful.

I met my current husband on April 4, 2004. At this time my migraines were starting to occur more often.

I was told by my job that even though I had a doctor’s explaining about the migraines it was not enough. I had to get a MLFA(I can’t quite remember the name) Basically, this is a form that a doctor fills out that says the patient(me in this case) is potentially  going to being missing work on a regular basis.

My future husband had 2 sons’. One, his oldest(16) lived with him. His youngest(13) lived  With his Mother in TN. We moved in together with our 3 kids’ in December of 2004.


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See you in a week for next section.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so feel free leave a comment.






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