Sitting On A Fence—Who Am I?!(My Story) Part 3


Part 3

Sitting / standing on a fence. That is how I feel when I think about my life(before / after).

I decided this was looking long winded. So, I’m dividing things into manageable parts. I’m trying to just hit the important highlights, but sometimes I fell like more explanation is needed. Sorry if I drone at times.

Last of the background

When we moved in together we started out in an apartment. We quickly decided that we were not apartment people. Due to having 3 boys and complaints of our surrounding apartment neighbors we broke our lease and moved into a house we rented.

This was better, but not ideal. Due to my snowballing medical conditions I had cut back hours at my job as an AOL computer tech support person. The stress was just too much And made very aspect of my health worse.

My future husband and I decided I should quit and try for a less stressful job. In an attempt to keep money coming in I started working at Winn Dixie as a cashier.

After a little over a year, a customer pushed me over the edge early one morning. I took off my apron and name tag and just walked out. This of course left Winn Dixie in a crunch as I was the only person working the front end area.

The job with AOL and Winn Dixie are the only jobs I have ever just quit. I usually gave more than enough notice.

During my time at Winn Dixie I started applying for Social Security This was an enormously stressful experience. I was trying to accomplish this on my own with out a lawyer.

After a numerous amount of appeals over several years I could deal with it no more on my own. Since I didn’t have to pay anything unless my case was won I found a lawyer. This was so much easier.

By this time my credit had took a dive faster than the Titanic. This kept my future husband and I from being able to purchase a house. In 2005 my parents helped us by purchasing a house. The house is in their name and we make all the payments and pay for all the upkeep on the house.

Despite my now 14 + / – years of ever accumulating medical records. It took me 3-4 years to get to the point where I was able to go to court and see a judge. The judge I had was very condescending, he made several comments on how “fat” I was. This was the word he used and when he said it, he used his fingers and made air quotes. The judge, of course, denied my claim.

My lawyer ended up filing a grievance or something(not sure of the exact name) against the judge that heard my case. He ended up being fired. Unfortunately they fired him in a way that none of his cases would be called into question. He was fired due to not being able to get along with coworkers. The was infuriating.

During this time my lawyer had already started a new Social Security case….sigh Sometime in the new case Social Security sent me to some kind of doctor. Unfortunately I cannot remember what type. I think he was a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

Finally, at the time of seeing a doctor Social Security sent me to I had a severe migraine. We were directed to a waiting room and the office overhead lights were making me feel even worse. I apparently fell asleep with my head on my future husband’s shoulder.

When it was time for me to see the doctor I was barely functioning. He was very considerate and turned out all his lights and turned his computer monitor so it was not facing me. He was writing on his pad using the glare of his computer screen. As I was leaving his office he was promising to help me with my case(I was mentally thinking “yea right:”).

However, it wasn’t a year later that I received a letter that my case was looked at virtually by a judge. The judge stated that due to my many years of past and on going medical records there was more than enough evidence of my medical issues and approved my case.

By this time it had been nearly 7 years I think from the time I first applied. I can not remember exactly. I was just glad to finally to be validated. I also cannot remember what year I was finally approved.

My Sister-in-law was a notary, so on January 1, 2006 she married my current husband and I at my parent’s dining room table.


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