Fandango’s Provocative Questions #67


Fandango’s Provocative Questions #67 by Fandango

1. As a blogger, when it comes to your blog, what makes you tick?

I have had my blog many years. However, it never really clicked until about a year and half-ish +/- ago.

I originally was going for a Crafting / Art type blog. Which I posted To pretty regularly. Every now an again I’d toss a different kind of post out.

I began reading other bloggers’ posts and then…BAM the blog bug bit me. For awhile it was still an artsy / craftsy blog.

All the sudden, one day I noticed it had morphed into an everything and the kitchen sink kind of blog. Strangely I love it this way. This also allows me to appeal to a wider variety of bloggers’.

When I started reading blogs I fell in love with prompts of all kinds, Q & A’s, challenges, and other stuff I see. By doing prompts by other bloggers’ I was reminded how much I love to write.

I also love communicating with other bloggers’.  I love acquiring new followers’ that I adore. I especially love seeing things others’ have done, hearing and sharing thoughts with them. Of course, they don’t have to be a person who follows my blog for me to enjoy conversing with them.

There is also something therapeutic about stumbling upon and talking to someone dealing with similar life circumstances. For example medical issues, family difficulties, sharing the same type of art, or writing styles to name a few.

Ahhh yes, I don’t want to forget the provocative question. I would say I’m a 10 w/ occasional exceptions on the blog scale.

I won’t get hives if I can’t post to my blog and see what’s going on in blog land for a day or two. However, I definitely notice that I miss the activities when my attention is needed elsewhere.

I love posting everyday(it’s routine fun now)and posting anything. This is especially true when my post is a hit with my readers. It may sound stupid, but when I post something and I get a lot of comments, reblogs, or other feedback on it it’s like I won the Lottery! No joke!

I have even gone so far as to have another blog strictly to try and sell the greeting cards I make. I only post the cards on both blogs when I am making them for a challenge or if I’m taking part in an online class.

This second blog has very few followers’. The one’s I have are sweet and chatty. Needless to say I adore each one and love talking to them. Someday I may be surprised and happen upon an order.

Until then no worries I still love making them and chatting.

Win Win!

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so feel free leave a comment





  1. Thanks for taking the time to respond to today’s provocative question. For some reason your post went into my spam folder, and I just got around to “rescuing” it and approving it.


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