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Cheers Rory

1 Thumbs Up PNG

Where is your usual location for meeting friends?

Well, My friends are my family, so at my house and my Parents’ house.

2 Pink Glasses PNG

What is your favourite time of the day and has it changed recently due to current events?

Morning I s’pose. Nope nothing has changed

3 Happy Cheeks PNG

What do you find embarrassing to talk or write about?

[Or do you not suffer with this?]

Since have kids and them being grown I do not suffer this affliction anymore.

4 Side Whisper PNG

What will you NEVER write about?

[Why not?]

I have not run across answer to this yet.

5 Heart Eyes PNG

Do you ever read erotic fiction or exotic literature of another kind?

When I used to have an attention spam over 2 decades ago I did.

6 Sunglasses PNG

How confident are you about …. you?

I am confident I just lack self esteem.

7 Coffee Sipping PNG

Do you think in today’s digital climate with social media and so on … that people have too much to say and that they should be quieter or that people still are not talking enough?

I’d say people get out of talking a saying a lot because it is easier to type it and not look the person in the face. They are chicken fried.

8 Blue Smile PNG

Do you censor your own writing before publishing?

[As in prevent yourself from writing or expressing certain things the way you really want to?]

Hmm, I would say censor in a manner that I am certain to be understood in the manner I want to be understood.

9 Cynical 2

If you weren’t already you upon waking to a new day, who would you want to be the next time you wake up?


I would want to be the me of 23ish years ago before all of my medical issues started to negatively affect my life.

10 Older with glasses PNG

Have you done everything with your life you set out to when younger or are there still things you wish to achieve?

I was well on my way of doing what I wanted to get done. Everything went downhill along with my medical well-being.

11 Sing PNG

What do you use when creating your blog posts and what would you sing the praises of with regards the creation of written content as opposed to a desktop or a laptop?

[If you do use a Desktop or a Laptop please also let me know]

I sing the praises of my iPad now iPad Pro and my iPhone.

12 Virtual Reality PNGDo you give your readership what they want or what they need? What do you as a content writer and creator get from that for you?
 I try to give my reader’s what they want, they seem to enjoy humor, especially true life humor and true life stories. They also seem to like to relate to someone who understands them medically.I get great enjoyment when I am able to hit the head on the nail so to speak. I love writing, even better I love writing when my readers express their enjoyment of something I have written.


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  1. Very interesting read. You clued me into something about yourself that I did not know. I would have sworn you were (at most) 23 or 25 or something. Such a young face!! I was surprised to read you have grown children . Fun to know something about you (in a non-stalker type way of course).


    • Non stalker type way is always good…lol Well, unfortunately your age is probably based on my profile photo. Which is about a decade or so ago so early 40’s. My medical downslide has made me age ungraciously. I didn’t really notice as I rarely look in mirrors. However, when I was forced to take every document made to man to the DMV to get my listens renewed last year and they have your pic on a 11×14 screen I just could not believe what I was seeing. I am unable to put a current photo up. I never thought I would be so age conscious….sigh very disappointing. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.


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