Beckie’s Questions

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Beckie’s Questions by Beckie

1. In recent months, what is the one thing you miss doing since Covid-19 introduced itself to our world?

I miss not being able to go see my parent’s whenever I want.

2. Have you become more creative, or have you been dulled down since this has taken place?

I have taken advantage of being able to spend more time in my craft room. Time passes super sonic when I am crafting.

3. Has your food consumption increased, or has your sleeping pattern been altered during this time period?

I think our junk food may have increased…sigh. We also have been ordering in more.

4. Have you done telehealth calls between you and your doctors, and/or therapists?  Has it been helpful, or has it hindered your wellbeing?

I find that the Telehealth with my doctor is frustrating, but with my therapist works perfectly find.

Describe what is happening in your neck of the woods due to restrictions, and/or laws being set in place?  Does this make you feel safer, or does it make you question the whole situation more so?

Honestly, I really don’t know what to think of the whole situation. I can’t decide what to believe and not to believe. I do know that some people are greeting really sick and unfortunately some are passing on. However, we have never shut things done in the past for things that could be spread. For instance, SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola, and Bird Flu just to name a flu.I admit I am no medical professional. Just noting a difference.

Around us when my husband goes to the grocery store they have put plexiglass up and wear masks and gloves. They also mark off 5 foot intervals. When I went to the post office they also marked off where you were to stand at specific line standings and has plastic hung between the office workers and the customer.

Sigh, I just have not idea about the whole thing. That said as a laymen.

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  1. Hello, Jennifer!
    I could not agree with you more when it comes to crafting. Time does fly by and keeps your mind focussed on something other than the outside world. I know. I just finished a major project that I crocheted between February to Passover, (April 9th). When I completed it, I felt so lost without working on something, that’s when I found myself watching the news non-stop and making my anxiety worsen.
    I found myself questioning this disease as well. Like you, I wondered and still do wonder… Why do we treat this Covid-19 so differently when we were able to get through swine flu, sars, ebola, etc…???
    There are so many of us that are respecting the rules, ie… Social distancing, mask, and gloves. Washing our hands, cleaning surfaces, etc…
    Yet, the numbers of people developing this disease that are following all the rules are still being affected. None of this is making much sense at all.
    The more I read about Dr. Anthony Fauci is disturbing me as well. I have gone back to his earlier days of working on the AIDS epidemic. For someone who is a doctor, why is it that he has never touched a patient? in his entire career? He has held back from providing medications that could have helped people with AIDS back in the 80’s-90’s. None of this makes sense.
    Why is the government not allowing other scientists and doctors to speak up and allow their expertise in this field?
    It sucks big time that there are more questions than there are answers regarding this healthcare crisis.

    Thank you for answering the questions that I posted. I hope you, your family, and friends all remain safe and healthy.
    Take care and God Bless.


    • Exactly, I like to watch the news to see what is going on and who is blowing who up that day. However, everyday I watch the news I start to notice my depression growing downhill, so I have to stop watching.

      Hmmm hard to have a bedside manner when your don’t touch anyone in an effort to treat them. How can he help form useful processes if he has no real world knowledge?? Seems real world use of your craft(medicine in this case) is where you learn most of what is valuable. Anyone can be book smart yet ignorant in life. Hard to respect someone like that, especially in a high place.

      Best Wishes to you and yours as well.

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      • The news was a HUGE factor to send my depression into the ground. I can only do the news in small doses or I’m a wreck all day. Not to mention, it affects my dreams. I have had some really horrible deems since this whole mess started.
        Yeah, Fauci and a few others that stand up there with the Prez, are quite questionable. Seriously, how do you become a doctor and not have ever touched a patient? Like you said, hard to develope a bedside manner that way.
        I sincerely hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and healthy. God Bless You and Yours.


      • Definitely have to get news in small doses. I cannot remember the last time I have had a dream. I don’t sleep well and when I do I am a extremely light sleeper. God bless you & yours as well.

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