6 Questions That Always Pop Up In The Blogosphere

6 Questions That Always Pop Up In The Blogosphere by https://renardsworld.wordpress.com/2020/03/14/6-questions-that-always-pop-up-in-the-blogosphere/

6 Questions That Always Pop Up In The Blogosphere

1.) Is Blogging Dead?

I believe blogging is far from dead. There are an infinite range of subjects from which read’s can choose.

2.) Is Long-form Content Better Than Short-form Content?

I think it depends on the reader on which form is more attractive.

3.) Should Bloggers Choose A Niche?

From what I have read this is a kind of controversial question. I have 2 blogs. This one Https://paperkutzs.com This blog started as a blog in which I posted just crafting or art items.

However, over the last approx. 2 years it has turned into an everything and the kitchen sink type of blog. On this blog I am having a lot more success than I ever expected.

I have a wide range of followers’ and I love and appreciate every single one of them. I do place handmade cards on this blog. The cards I post on this blog I have made specifically for challenges or for any classes I have taken.

I also have another blog Https://handmadecardcreations.com. I use this blog strictly for my handmade cards. This blog I hope to someday have an online order placed. On this blog I have less than 20 follower’s and I love each of these as well.

Strictly speaking in my opinion I think a blog with an assorted subject matter has more chance for success. I think a niche blog would be harder to constantly create new material for reader’s.

Of course since my Https://handmadecardcreations.com is a niche blog I can relate to both sides of the argument. I don’t run out of material as I am always making new cards.

4.) How Often Should Bloggers Publish Blog Posts?

I believe how often someone posts is pretty much up to the blogger. However, I think the blogger should set up a routine for how often they plan on posting. They should then be sure to keep this routine. This way the readers’ of the blog have an expectation of when new posts will be posted.

5.) Should Bloggers Write For Search Engines?

Bloggers should write about what they love. This should also be what their readers’ love and want to read.

If they write for search engines they may find that no one is interested in what is being written. This is because the blogger is not writing fo the the love of their readers’ or the love of blogging.

6.) Should A Blogger Use A Free Blogging Platform Or Go Self-Hosted?

This is another thing I believe the would be blogger has to decide.

For a year or so I used the free version of WordPress. I eventually changed to one of the pay versions. I did not do this thinking I would acquire more readers. I switched to this pay version because there were options that I wanted on the pay version I chose.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so feel free leave a comment.


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