12 Bloggerz! Game #2 June2020

12 Bloggerz! Game #2-June 2020 by https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/06/03/12-bloggerz-june-2020/


Cheers Rory

How spontaneous are you?

It depends on what it is I’m being asked to do. Sometimes it has to be a day where I just say what the heck?…Why not?
How flirtatious would you say you are and if that is not the word you would use then try the alternatives of ‘teasing or playful’ either way – how much are you of this?

Since I ;have been with my current husband for the last 18 years I’m/ not flirtatious at all. In the time before meeting him I was flirtatious, the only problem is I never knew when I was being so and was told by my friend.
How serious are you as a person?

I am serious about things that need to be serious about, but I am also the class clown. Although now a days not as much as I was before all this medical bologna.
Do you think the older we become certain emotions are easier to handle – say as an example ‘grief?’

hmm… I think so, but I think which emotions become easier depends on what we are dealing with in life at any particular time.
What is the most adventurous thing you have done to date?

Although it doesn’t sound adventurous, for me it was going to a club for the first time. I don’t drink alcohol, but I love music, dancing(although bad at it), playing pool and darts.
What’s the craziest or riskiest thing you have ever done and simply got away with it or gotten caught doing it?

Well, the only thing that pops into my head as I read this question happened when I was in like 4th grade. I had cheated most of my 4th grade year and then one day some punk found a paper in the person I cheated off of and I got sent to the principle’s office.
What do you think the future is of dating and other ‘other’ now that social distancing has become part of your life? Will your life ‘up close and personal’ with people now be different?

No, most things in my world have not changed much. However, I s’pose if everyone obeys the distancing I guess our population will drop…<ahem> until people cannot obey the “rule” anymore.lol
How different do you really think you are to the next person – are you prim and proper, or straight laced and serious, wild and abandoned or rebellious and controversial?

Definitely not prim and proper. Not very straight laced and only serious sometimes. Hmmm, not sure I qualify for wild and abandoned….hmm at times I can be rebellious and controversial being as I am opinionated…lol Couldn’t stick to one classification….
During this time of global concern how has your thinking changed with regards the planet, conservation, climate issues …..or has it not changed one little bit?

Not changed at all. Whew that was an easy one….lol
What ‘topical issues’ considered ‘taboo’ by society are you deeply passionate with and about to the point of doing something about it?

Honestly, I don’t think I could affect anything that is not in little world. That and I just shake my head on anything going on as I cannot believe people continue to be the way they are. We all know that the same people generally seem to be the same ones that usually cause or from lack of activity are the same.<——my opinion
What’s more important and or is there a difference between ‘Friendship and Companionship and if so what is that difference?

Uhhhh this is a tricky question. I think it depends on the people in the relationship and how they define the parameters.
What is your passion with regards writing genres – 1] what is your chosen genre and 2] what is the genre you might like to write about but lack confidence to start?

I love to write about true life goings on. I have no problem writing about anything, I just need the right something to make me come up with an idea so I can give a go a write about it.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



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