Why?? Some TV Show Observations!??

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Why?? Some TV Show Observations??

Yea, I realize everything you see on TV is not true. However, many of these shows will say they are based on eye witness testimony. That being said…..

Paranormal Show Observation Questions?

**Questions are regarding paranormal investigators in active investigating in the presence of the paranormal.**

  1. Why do paranormal investigators whisper?

2. Why do paranormal investigators peak around corners?

3. Why do paranormal investigators quietly tip toe while searching?

4. Why do paranormal investigators think going outside will give them privacy?

5. Why do paranormal investigators think provoking a “demon / bad energy” won’t cause the entity to reciprocate with something bad?

6. Why does it seem like paranormal investigators shine flash lights around not as if they are lighting their way, but as if they will see a spirit in the light other than maybe a dark entity?

7. Why are paranormal investigators seem surprised when something follow them?

8. Why do paranormal. Investigators seem surprised that they can be taken over by entities? That is once they are their normal selves again.

9. Why are paranormal investigators always surprised when their battery life gets sucked out or equipment won’t work?

10. Why when paranormal investigators ask if something is present to give them a sign of their presence…and then are shocked when they are actually given a sign?

11. Why do paranormal investigators think going into a different room will allow them escape from some kind of entity?

Questions From Another Perspective?

**Questions are from what people seem to do regarding the paranormal. world***

  1. Why do people continue to mess with Ouija boards? Kids okay they are kids, but I am not talking about kids.

2. Why when a person is told a house is haunted do they shrug and buy the house and then become upset / angry that the house is actually actively haunted?

3. Why do adults never seem to believe a child when told that something supernatural is happening, even when something unexplainable even bad happens to the child? Of course, the child probably doesn’t know to refer to it in this way.

4. Why do people think picking up everything and moving to a new home will automatically get rid of any paranormal activity?

5. Why do people assume just because something paranormal presents itself as a child assume that it is a child?

I am sure there are probably other observation questions rolling around in my head, but I can’t think of anymore at the moment.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



  1. Thanks for asking such good questions. I’ve often wondered why the investigators get scared at all, let alone get scared and run. Isn’t the scary thing what they want? Shouldn’t they be happy?


    • Thanks & your welcome. Exactly & didn’t people call them for help because they were paranormal investigators?? It always bugged me that they seemed to stop just as they were starting to get results…. sigh. Hope you had a nice weekend.


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