TOOBA For Two Q & A

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TOOBA For Two by Five Dot Oh

TOOBA For Two Q & A

  1. Which is your favorite dish to cook?

Breaded Chicken Stuffed With Motzarella

2. What new skills you have acquired in last three months?

Creating new card types

3. What scares you the most, (person or thing)?

Things, you can’t talk to things.

4. Are you able to fix technical problems on you devices?

Not now that I have Apple devices

5. What is your preferred way of traveling?

Car, but I’ve never taken a train.

6. If you are asked to donate one of your five senses, which one would you choose?


7. How do you like to dress, trendy or comfy?


8. Did you live an adventurous young adult life as in between your later teens to you early thirties and if you did what was your life style like? If you didn’t, what was your lifestyle like?

I didn’t have any sort of excitement until I was a divorced Mom of 2 boys at 30 years. I have fund going to clubs w/ a friend for about 3 1/2 years until I met my second husband. But I only want out at night when my kids we tucked into bed.

9. What was the riskiest date you ever went on and why?

I met a guy with my friend and he drove us to a strip of bars. He thought he could change my mind about drinking when we got there. When he couldn’t he got pissed and started hitting on my friend and guilted her into getting a drink of which I asked if she really wanted it(I already knew she didn’t) and so she left it on the counter. He was totally ticked and we had to practically run to follow him to his car to get back to my car and he proceeded to do 90+mph(no lie)

I keep my glare straight forward. I could see him looking for a reaction from me out of the corner of his eye. He was doing a good job a scaring the bejesus out of my friend in the back seat. When we got to my car he rolled down his window and said he didn’t want to hear from me again. I replied that he didn’t have to worry about that and he skidded off.

Ironically about 6 months later I heard from him of which I asked how his drinking problem was going and that was the end of that….lol

10. How big a child are you still?

Depends on what is going on.

11. What will you simply not do for money OR is that question easier to answer favorably reflective upon the sum of actual money offered?

If I don’t want to do something there is no amount of money that will make me do it. See answer to #9

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  1. Enjoyed reading this and knowing more about you. I love that you started partying at 30 and that no amount of money will make you do something you wouldn’t do. Great post❤️✌🏾


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