Read Before You Hate & Perhaps Love Instead

Black Lives Matter!…But Don’t All Lives Matter?

I think we all know what a happened to George Floyd was unconscionable. He is but yet another In a string of unnecessary black deaths. I keep seeing posts and articles about how black lives matter. I will be the first to agree that this is very true.

When I see these posts and articles I can’t help but think that along with black lives don’t all lives matter. Today we are a land of so many. Wether black, yellow, red, white, brown, multi racial, or even gray every life matters.

Remember also that people are not only being looked at as a color, but as groups. For instance; Men, Woman, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hispanic, Native American, Gay, LGBT, Asian, African American, and Caucasian just to name a few.

Let’s. not forget that professions have also been trivialized. The one that jumps to my mind is prostitution. Granted not a great profession by some standards, but these are still people.

In these modern times why is it necessary to give labels? Granted some groupie are more apt to have certain medical issues than others’.

There are more and more multi racial people joining our great land. Does that really allow for the continued use of labels? Isn’t that why our parents’ give us names when we are born?

When you think about it, we are all made of flesh, blood, bones, and hair. Certainly the flesh and hair come in many different colors and styles.

However, can we not all die or be killed by; being shot, stabbed, by heart disease, cancer and a whole host of other manners and conditions?

Just think about when we give blood or plasma. This blood can be given to anyone whose medical parameters qualify them to receive it.

Blood from Black person is just as likely to be given to an Asian person as a prostitute’s blood is to be given to a police officers’ blood.

The blood bags are not labeled by race, profession, or religious beliefs. Blood bags are labeled by blood type.

Oh, I am sure I will receive much hate from the words I have written. However, I believe everything I have written and I believe my words treat everyone equally.

I just can’t help but wonder when we are going to start seeing people as simply people.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



  1. I enjoyed your wise words. You are right about labels. The more labels we give ourselves and others, the more easily it is to divide us, which those who are intent on taking advantage of this situation, will certainly try to do.


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