Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #70


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge by FiveDotOh

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The Train To??

One day on the spur of the moment my friend and I decided to take a train ride. We couldn’t figure out where we want to go. So, we decided when we got to the train station we would buy a ticket to whatever train was leaving soonest.

The only parameter we had was the price of the ticket. We thought that would keep us from getting to far from home. We knew if we we bought a round trip ticket we had a built in safety net. This gave us the comfort of knowing we would have a way home no matter what. Little did we know what the day had in store for us.

When we got to the window to buy our tickets we told the cashier we didn’t want to know the destination. She gave us a weird look. We explained that we were on an adventure and just needed a round trip ticket and we needed a train with a dining car. She smiled, took our money, handed us our tickets and told us we had ten minutes until boarding.

My friend and I stepped out of the line and looked nervously at each other. We we both nervous and excited at the same time. All of a sudden we heard the on board call for our train number.

We hurried to board our train. As it was almost lunch time we decided to find a place in the dining car. We found a seat, began to relax, eat lunch, and watch the world go by. We did all this while wondering what station our adventure would be taking us to.

After a several hours we had passed a few stations without being told it was time to disembark by the conductor. We noticed it was starting to get close to sunset out the windows. The sunset was beautiful, but we were getting a bad feeling. I realized that there were very few patronS left on the train.

I turned to my friend and asked if she remembered seeing anyone boarding the train at any of the previous station stops? She replied that she had only seen people disembarking.

My friend wondered out loud if we had missed where we were supposed to disembark. Not long after her statement we saw a conductor approaching. As he was nearly at our table we said “excuse me”? The conductor stopped and looked at us “yes?” he asked. We showed him our ticket and asked if we had missed our stop.

The conductor took our ticket, looked at it, and handed it back. He said nothing as he laughed and began to continue on his way. My friend hurriedly(he voice coming out in a croak)”sir”? Without turning around he said “you two are on an adventure”. “Yes, but to where and when is our stop”?

Again, without turning he responded that adventures never end. My friend and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes. Silently as we looked at each other We whispered, “adventurers never end”??

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