Have You Ever Lost A Child?—Yes & No.


Have You Ever Lost A Child? By Stine Writing

Have You Ever Lost A Child?—Yes & No.

Thank heavens I have never lost a child by the child dying.

However, when my kids’ were 8 and 10 years old I needed to run to the store and they did not want to go. I had an inner power struggle with whether I should make them go with me or let them stay home. I decided at 8 and 10 years old it was a good time to test their ability to stay home.

I only decided this after noting the fact that the store I was going to was about 3 block away and I only had to get one or two items. I gave them strict instructions on how I was locking them in the house and there were to go nowhere until I got home.

I wrote my cell phones number down for them. I repeated that I was only going to be gone a short time and that I was leaving the number incase they felt they needed to call me. I wrote down the number because of their ages.

I left with nods of heads that they understood the rules. Still, as I walked out the door I felt a pit of unease in my stomach.

I kept telling myself they were old enough to handle this. After all I was only going to be gone a quick minute. I drove to the store hurriedly getting what I needed and rushing home.

As soon as I walked in the door I knew something was wrong. The house was too quiet. Without even looking I knew they were not in the house. However, I did my due diligence and quickly went though the house to verify my feelings. There was no one in the house!!

I quickly went outside and started calling their names. I went down the side street where I knew one of their friend’s lived. Nothing. My heart sank and I felt terror like never before.

I called the police on my cell. I could not tell them what happened fast enough. I was trying to keep myself from bursting in to tears. I couldn’t find my most cherished parts of me on planet Earth.

In the few minutes I waited for the police I called my now husband. I needed to talk to someone while I was walking and calling for my boys’. He offered to come help me look even though he had just gotten to work.

It was quite the way to begin a new relationship. Even though we had talked often, we had only met each other a few days earlier. I told him I would call if I needed his presence and I would let him know what happened. We disconnected the call.

Minutes after we disconnected A police cruiser was pulling up next to the curb. The officer was talking to me and I was answering his questions. It was about this time when out of the corner of my eye I saw two boys happily and absent-mindedly riding their bikes.

Two things happened at once. First, my heart thudded with relief. Second, I felt like my head was going to explode with and immense amount of anger and relief.

They road their bikes up to me with blank stares as to why I was so mad. I asked them why they left the house before I returned?

“What? Where did you go?” I stared at them in disbelief. I yelled at them to get in the house and I would be in shortly.

I apologized profusely to the police officer and thanked him for coming so quickly. He said he was happy to help if he had been needed. They would rather be safe than sorry. He laughed and said he thought the kids’ would learn a valid lesson after I was done with them, said goodbye, and drove off.

I took a deep cleansing breath, and then stomped my way inside. Needless to say once inside my kids’ and I had a hear to heart.

This experience put my “where are my kids” on a hair trigger whenever we were out anywhere.

So, thankfully I have not lost a child to God, but I did lose them in a sense. Luckily for me even though I did lose them I also found them.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback. and mild.


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