What Do You See #35–22 June 2020

What Do You See #35–22 June 2020 by Sadje

Full Moon At Gray’s Mansion

Gray’s MansIon is situated in a rural town in England. It’s nearest neighbor is many miles away. Gray’s Manson has air of mystery surrounding it. I’m sure most is steeped in hearsay. Certainly the stories that go around cannot possibly be true. Can they?

About the only thing truly known is that at on time or another, perhaps even presently the last name of the family residing there is Gray.

So, who knows if even this is true at present. One thing for sure is the silence around the property seems deafening. Oh sure the occasional birds can be heard in the woods, but even that seems unusually off.

Gray’s Mansion has a small neat mowed lawn and is surrounded by bushes. The bushes surround both the house and the iron fence that surrounds the property. Thick woods grow right up to the edge of the manicured lawn.

To be clear from the road there is a mown easement, a iron fence, neatly trimmed bushes trimmed roughly at an average persons’ sight line, a short manicured lawn surrounding the house, bushes that are slightly higher than the bottom of the windows, and them there is the thick woods at the lawns edge.

The woods seem airy enough. However, if you are able to find a spot to see well enough you will see that they drop into rapid darkness. A darkness that makes you think no light could possibly penetrate through the tangle of trees and such.

Nothing of color seems to be planted on the grounds. That is at least as far as anyone can see from the road. Around town there is talk that no one has ever gone past the iron fence that surrounds the property.

In fact, as far as anyone can tell, the only physical item outside the fence is the post box that is big enough for packages if needed.

Despite all the silence of a family who given appearances is simply keeping to itself there are stories. Depending on who you ask or overhear the stories vary greatly

So, let us just speak of the stories told by the nearest of those to the Mansion. It’s neighbors’, if you want to call those whole live a mile or more away a neighbor.

Once thing they can all agree on is that things always seem to become more creepy as the full moon grows closer. Seems they start hearing strange howling and a kind of barking about a week before.

Neighbors assumed that the Gray’s had dogs that they just never saw or heard due to shear size of the property. Never truly giving this must thought past this. Of course they did find it odd that it seemed from the sound that it was an actual pack of dogs.

Never thinking it odd that they had heard nary a bark during any other phase of the moon. It also seemed as if no matter what the weather was at any of their houses Gray’s Mansion always seemed to have dark heavy clouds closing in on its roof. Odd indeed.

The full moon. It was at this time that the strangest things usually happened. Of course, who can’t remember from one full moon to the next. I mean honestly, life is busy. Who ever thinks to connect the dots between one full moon and the next?

A las it is now a full moon, so let’s hear the tales. Neighbors’ from all around complain of the howling changing. The howling becomes more wolf-like, Those listening exchange silent glances and raised eyebrows.

Go ahead laugh, mocked the neighbors’ of the Gray’s. Will you exchange the same looks when we tell you of the animals we find dead the next morning? Our dogs never even alert with a whine.

Oh yes, listen closely now. Dead chickens mostly, but also goats, and the occasional sheep. Not like dead and eaten. Dead as in no blood dead.

When we stumble upon this carnage in the morning we investigate. Hear what we say! We ALL investigate. Never do we find a single foot print or any fur. The scariest thing. There is never any broken fencing, cages, and no holes dug. It’s as if they were opened, not broken or bent.

Now please, tell us, what will you make of those facts?

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback. and mild.


If Interested Pat 2

Full Moon At Gray’s Mansion— Part 2


    • Thank you very much. Well, unfortunately I am usually a short story writer, but challenges are always good. The funny thing is I have a hard time expanding a story. I usually get from beginning to a rather quick end. It is definitely a skill I need to work on. What makes it even more intriguing is that I actually have someone who wants to know more…..lol Thanks again.


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