Full Moon At Gray’s Manson Part 2

My original post—What Do You See #35–22 June 2020 by Sadje

Full Moon At Gray’s Mansion Part 2

It must have been about the third week in June of 2020. There was a lot of unusual activity going on at Gray’s Mansion. For instance, no one can ever remember seeing the gates open at the mansion for any period of time going on thirty years at least.

The gates were never open for any significant amount of time before or after any of the delivery trucks This way unauthorized people were unable to slip into the grounds. They went so far as to have guards just inside and outside of the gates to deter anyone that would even have such a thought cross their mind.

Despite the warm weather the guards were adorned in hoodies. Their hoods were up and hung slightly over their foreheads. Each man was also equipped with a rifle and a clipboard. There was a small group of people that were lining up on the opposite side of the road. They were whispering back and forth all a gag at what could be going on at the Mansion.

The sun began its descent, and all the sudden everyone jumped as the gates slammed shut. They watched as the last truck had exited the gates. They noticed the guard on the outside of the fence climbed in the truck right before it drove away. Suddenly everyone burst out laughing nervously at being startled. The crowd gradually dissipated. Heading in different directions going to where ever they were needed.

For the next week you couldn’t go anywhere in town without hearing people talk of the activity at Gray’s Mansion. All the trucks that were seen entering the property were box type trucks. Unfortunately, this only made the mystery curiosity deepen. No one was even able to hazard a guess based on materials that were being taken into the property.

Gradually everyday life conversation started taking precedence. Nothing of real importance per se. Conversation about new recipes, how the kids’ were getting along, work talk, and such.

As talk in town returned to normal activity out in the country kicked into high gear. After receiving their instructions from the Mrs.of the Mansion the men of the house got to work.

First,, and most importantly was installing the vinyl fence in the back of the house. The big difference from this fence and the iron outer fence was that both ends of the vinyl fence would butt up against the Mansion. There would be a gate albeit locked(at all times)just incase it was ever needed.

On the inside of the house two small rooms were being combined into one bigger room. Not that they were running out of rooms, the Mrs. just wanted one closer to the master. However, those rooms all seemed to be smaller in size.

Once the dividing wall was finally removed they would need sealed stone floor installed. Lastly painting needed done. In another room there was furniture being assembled. There were also accessories being stored in this room temporarily. Just waiting their turn to be moved into the new room.

The Mrs. was constantly pacing. She was starting to feel that time was running short. Her husband always begged her to remain calm He constantly promised her that everything would be done in advance. He lead her to a chair to sit, put her feet up and relax.

Please he begged as he patted her hand, let me do the worrying. He kissed her forehead and turned to leave. To his back she said, “don’t forget the fence around the pool”. He turned looked at her stone faced and said “fence around the pool”? Seeing the look of horror on her face he laughed and said “it is nearly finished”. See he told her Holding up a clipboard as he did so “I have your instructions at the ready.“

She smiled shyly at him. At the door he paused, “I will see you shortly”. Before he closed the door he peered around the jam and added “I would love for you to be resting when I return, please”.

To his great surprise, not only was she resting when he returned she was napping quietly. He took the opportunity to pick up the book he had been reading and sat quietly reading until she woke. He had no idea how long she had been watching him when he heard a quiet voice say “its likely time to eat”.

She slipped her arm through his and they headed to the dining room for dinner.

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