Dream Turns Into a Nightmare!

Yesterday I got my Jeep out of the shop for the second time(For Steering issues). I had to take it back for a steering issue. After I had gotten it back from them fixing everything from the accident

After they told me it was ready to pick up I drove the Jeep home. The next day I was even able to drive to visit with my parents’

However, when I got home and started to pull into my driveway. I felt a little movement that made me think something had happened. The thing I felt was so minute that I wasn’t sure I had felt anything.

I finished pulling into the driveway and turned the steering wheel from left to right. Yup, I was right. Something in the steering mechanism had broke and it went back to the loose steering feeling I had right before my accident.

The next day Roadside assistance came and towed it out of my driveway backc to Arrington’s body’s shop. The people and mechanics there are great. Aweigh or so later I got to pick the Jeep back up a few days ago. This was Friday June 27, 2020.

The next day I made arrangement to go visit my parent’s yesterday June 27, 2020. Everything was going well I threw a few things in the Jeep and pulled out of the driveway. I got to the stop sign at the end of our roa and turned right.

A couple housed after the turn. I though something happened. Although this time I didn’t really feel anything. I turned the steering wheel left to righ. Sure thing whatever had broke had just broken again. So I started to pull over to the shoulder.

How’re, big difference this time is I suddenly lost all ability to steer.. Yup the steering wheel just turn in complete circles….oh shit!.Luckily, I had been headed toward the shoulder.

I had no choice but to totally rake someone’s mailbox all down the Jeep’s right side. I was sure I had destroyed their mailbox. Then when I finally cleared those I stopped probably 10”-ish from hitting their pared BMW SUV.

I called my husband, who totally freaked out when he saw my # calling him. He was thinking something terrible had happened. It did, but not as bad as an accident.

Needless to say I called Roadside Assistance and they towed it back to the body shot. When the people there come into work Monday and see my yellow Jeep in their parking lot a few days since I picked it up they are probably going to be unenthused.

Having a Jeep after my kids’ were grown was on of my big dreams. Only problem is after looking the Jeep over and under several times before purchasing it we got screwed by and old many who took my money and ran. They had painted the bottom so when we looked we did not see all the rust damage……sigh Why can’t people just be honest.

Now living a nightmare I have no confidence in any repair done to steering. I have no idea what to do. I cannot trade it in as we have my husband’s new truck payment. I could try and sell it and just put the money in savings.

I’m just really in the dumps over this whole experience. As far as I’m concerned even when I have a care I don’t have a car. I wish the insurance company would just total it, but I think we are probably past that point now. I wonder how many more times the body shop will repair the steering piece. Although it is under warranty for as long as I own the vehicle.. He had a terrible time finding the piece to fix it this last time I picked it up.

I am truly speechless in the situation I find my self in. Well, since I had just been sitting here with the hands on the keyboard for the last few minutes I guess I have no more to say for now.


I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.


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    • No need to worry. I got screwed w/ my additional 2000 Jeep and ended up buying a 2004 and a family friend combined the 2. So I have an unusual situation I loved it before everything went hair wire. I I could after a new one or newish with warranty I get it.


  1. That’s an absolute nightmare. Even if it gets fixed you are not going to trust it. Trying to get a car totalled was is tough. I had one which was the same but the insurance company kept sending it for repairs. I think they eventually got sick of me phoning and finally wrote it off.

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    • Hmm,I didn’t consider calling the insurance compliant. I guess because they have an appraiser at the repair shop the Jeep is going to. As much as a headache as the mechanic is having getting parts and keeping it fixed to date, it would be nice he he would hep egg the insurance to do that. If necessary I may have to contact them myself, but I guess I want to get it to a point to where they are tired of it on their own…lol They put an additional $550 to the repair this last time. I would have thought that would have put it close to what it is worth. I guess we shall see how events pan out.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.It gave me ideas I had not thought of. I hope you two have a nice Sunday.


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