Sunday Writing Prompt “Fortune Teller”

Sunday Writing Prompt “Fortune Teller” by Mind Over Misery Menagerie

Well, I am drawing a complete blank with my fortune telling skills. I am goin to have to go with Fiction,

Lulu’s Crystal Ball

Lulu is a long time fortune teller in our town.You can call and make an appointment for just about any time.

However, she opens at 6p.m. for walk-ins. Of course, if you show up when she is busy with another client you will have to wait your turn.

Lulu is very popular.I have never sat for a reading myself, but I know several people who have. The people who I know who have gone to her have all been happy with her predictions.

She seems to be good at what she does. I guess she makes a decent living as I don’t think she has another job. I know she has two kids. However, they are near their twenty’s now-a-days.

From what I have heard Lulu does a couple different type of readings. I have talked to some who have simply had their palm read. Others I have talked to have asked to have physic readings or tarot cards.

By far the most popular readings that Lulu does are crystal ball readings.I vaguely know the difference between them, but none of the minute differences.

One day I was sitting with Lulu chatting on her back porch and she suddenly grew completely silent. I had to look to make sure she was breathing.

When I looked in her direction I was startled to find her staring back at me. I was so startled by her expression it made me jump a little in my chair.

I had visited with Lulu like this many times over the years. Never, and I mean NEVER has she ever done anything like this. In my gut I feel like she was not just starting at me, but rather studying me.

I won’t lie. I was afraid to inquire about the reason for her sudden silence.

Don’’t get me wrong, the fact that I don’t believe is not why I have never visited Lulu as a client. I truly believe that people are capable of many things we will never understand.

Oh, I am sure there are fakes. Shoot, there is always someone trying to take advantage of people.

I simply thought it best if we kept things friendly. This way there would be no weirdness with us visiting or hanging out together.

After what seemed like an eternity she picked up her ice tea and took a few sips. Setting down her glass she silently turned her gaze forward.

I was still watching her, wondering if she was going to say anything. There was a heavy silence now. To say it was uncomfortable would be an understatement.

She suddenly told me how much she enjoyed our visits. I responded with “Lulu?”. Looking back in my direction she said “ya know, you are not usually so open”.

Before I could say anything she held her hands up with her palms facing me.(as if fending off an assault) She continued, “no, I have not tried to read you without your consent”.

“Sometimes, things will just happen.” She went on to explain that she had no control over what did and did not come to her. Especially, she said when I am not in a client / fortune teller situation.

I inquired if she was going to tell me what was going on? “I don’t like to tell people what they are not wanting to know.”

“Well, you know me and I can’t not know what just caused what happened.” She did not ask me any questions. She simply said “motorcycles are extremely dangerous.” I responded with, “I know, I hate them.”

For a minute I felt relief, thinking she must be mistaken. Neither one of my kids’ had motorcycles anymore. So I thought?????

Lulu suddenly stood up. “Let’s talk while you take a drive with me.” I was utterly confused. She started to her car and waved me along.

Lulu insisted that she drive as she knew where we were going and that no I couldn’t follow her.

Once we were in her car and she had locked our doors, she began talking. “Not yet” Lulu answered to my unasked question of where we were going.

“First, I do not think his injuries are life threatening.” Still confused…”okayyyyyyj”. Your youngest was in a motorcycle accident, he is at the hospital now.

I was startled when my cell phone rang. It was a number I did not recognize. Lulu told me it was my youngest son’s girlfriend. So I answered the call.

Of course she was right, it was my youngest son’s girlfriend. The first thing out of her mouth was he’s okay. I could her my son in the background yelling. Before you tell her anything tell her I’m okay.

I could hear her voice soften (as if she was looking over her should)saying “I know and I think she can hear that your okay too”.

I listened as she told me he had just hit a slippery patch on a side road and had some road burn, but nothing was broken.

I was in shock. I let her know I was on my way. I thanked her for calling and hung up.

Everything kept replaying in my mind. The relief that he was okay and when in the hell did he get a motorcycle.

Lulu answered my thoughts to say “just a few weeks ago, appareantly he didn’t learn from any of his brother’s accidents”.

I looked at Lulu who was driving and she simply shrugged at me. “Well, you asked, she said…sort of.” I was relieved enough that I was able to share in her laughter.

We pulled up to the entrance of the hospital and she said she would just let me out since my sons’s girlfriend had her car. I thanked Lulu profusely and shut her car door.

As promised my youngest was okay despite some scuffs and bruises. The hospital wanted him to stay for one night for observation.

I hugged him before leaving his room. I waited while he and his girlfriend had a private moment. When she came out of his room she drove me to my car.

***Just incase, I wanted to make sure everyone who reads this understands that I just created this story. My oldest has been in some motorcycle accidents in the past, but that’s a whole ‘nother story(true story next time) Thankfully, no more motorcycles for them as of right now. Everyone is alive and as well as we can be.*****

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



  1. It’s a thrilling nice story but hopefully nothing bad had happened ..ofcourse we should be more cautious while using vehicles.. nice message..


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