Sometimes Life is……?????….. Just Life

Non Copyright image person slapping forehead

I have known since late Thursday July 3r(last week) That I needed to go by my doctor’s office and post office today.

My pup(approx. 12 1/2yrs old) Shepherd mix was not feeling well this morning. I decided I would rather just run the errands and have my husband stay home with him(my bigger of 2 pups).

I had been debating if I wanted my husband to drive me because my air has gone out or would I rather not climb in and out of his truck.

Now don’t get me wrong I have a Jeep with 36” tires(that I loveeee)and I love it when it is behaving. Recently the air has gone out, but that is on the short list of the problems I have been having since my accident.

Any how, I had made the decision, so I had finish getting ready. I changed my shirt, put my hair up, brushed my teeth, and grabbed my stuff. Hubby opened the gates for me and I gave him a kiss bye and off I went.

I decided to go to the post office first as I was going to the smaller one that was closer to my house. This little one wasn’t usually as busy as the bigger one that was closer to the docs.

I was leaving around 11:30a.m. and it was already “hot enough to make the devil sigh”(song lyric from uhhhh maybe Chatahoochie or maybe not, by Whom I don’t remember). I’m terrible at that song / artist stuff. I do know it is a Country song.

Ok, ok I digress…

I walked in the door of the post office and thought I had stepped into the end of the line. Then I accidentally looked behind me and saw I was only half-way to the end of the line. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t getting beaten with face masks.

Usually it seems like people are on a hair trigger when they are waiting in line. Especially when they think someone is trying to get ahead of them. Add to that jumping infront of them in a line going as slow as the one in the post office.

After what felt like a life time it was finally my turn at the poly-urethane window. I was going to pay cash, but was 30¢ short…sigh, out came the debit card.. I’m not positive, but it was probably 12:45p.m. by the time I drug myself to out their Exit doors.

I noticed when I was almost to the docs office it was 91° out…yuck.

I was supposed to go in, give them my name, and my 2 prescriptions would be waiting<yea right>. I got there about 1p..m.

Of course there was nothing upfront for me….big suprise….and no one new what I was talking about…but could you please put on a mask? Sureeeeeeee. I will be sitting down as it looks like it is going to be awhile.

After 20 minutes I hear….we are just waiting on the doctor to sign them. She says this as I see 2 doctors walking up to an outside elevator probably coming back from lunch.

I did some inner curse words. Ten Long minutes or so later a dude calmly walked up to me and handed me my scripts like they weren’t supposed to be ready days ago. Oh yes, I checked them.

It started pouring rain on my way home. I pull into my driveway and park. Hubby closed the gates for me.

As he was holding open the screen door for me he Casually said “did you know your shirt is on backwards?”?? I stopped in my tracks and looked at him….REALLY? In my head I am thinking did I not kiss this man as I was getting into my car to leave????

Then possibly to make me feel better he commented that nobody probably even noticed. Uh Huh. ‘Cause I wasn’t standing in a post office line with someone starting at my back for over half an hours. Oh yea, and I wasn’t sitting in a doctor’s office for about that long with nothing else for the few people there to look at.<forehead slap>

There you have it Life. I just had to laugh, otherwise I might scream.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



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